Wednesday, January 5, 2022


Fear or FAITH, one verses the other... 

I have always been a fearful person. My mother told me she dropped me on my head as a baby..

Did this experience, which I have no memory of, promote fear. 

As a Christian I have learned that if I have FAITH in God and believe HIS WORD, then I have no reason to fear.. 

There are many scripture that tell us this, and Gods Word does not lie. 

Love comforts, protects, nourishes, sustains, and it has NO fear.. 

When we totally believe, there is NO compromise. 

We know... that we know..... that we know.  

God has our back... because, God sees all and He knows all.


We see by the above verse, that mans own actions (iniquities) will cause him to SUFFER. 

Daily, the Media sheds fear... and people are reacting to this fear. 

I no longer watch  the  tellevision (TELL- EYE - VISION)... 

Because ... I dont wish to be caught up in the properganda. 

Well, you may say, BUT... its true.

Is it? Do you believe all that you hear, OR, do you research to discover the truth for yourself? 

I studied at University... for many years.. 

Mostly, my subjects were to do with Health, Biology, Physiology, Peoples Values and Beliefs,.Research plus Theology, Psychology and Sociology.. One semester involved the study of LAW..   (I love to learn.) 

My law studies were not enough, to make me a lawyer,  yet enough to OPEN my eyes.

In fact, all of my studies made me realize that the more that I learned, the more I realized how little I knew.

Back in time, the only people who learned to read and write, were the wealthy.

Today we all have that opportunity!!   

So what that comes down to is this. Do you follow the sheep and believe all?? 

OR, do you investigate and discover for yourself?? 

History repeats itself. Did you know that between 1933 - 1945 Hitler commited Nazi Genocide by killing  

20, 946,000 Jews..  

WOW.. over twenty million.

Genocide.. YES!! People told on their neighbours and friends. 

WHY?? Because Hitler spread media propaganda that Jews carried disease and needed to be exterminated.. 

Fear drove the German people ... FEAR. 

Now we are being told a different story, to make us turn against each other.. 

People....... Stop and FEAR NOT!   

If you dont know the Lord, then draw close to Him. 

Speak to Him in prayer.. Read His WORD of strength to you.

Begin with the New Testiment and then go on to the Old One. 

He loves you with an everlasting unconditional love. 

To know Him, is to have Eternal life. (and no fear.)

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