Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday, "Worship the King"

A beautiful morning in Gympie Christian Family Church today. Communion was very specially presented by Joey Moody a sweet humble Christian lady who emphasised the reality behind the first Jewish Passover and our Saviour's last supper. Then the importance of our continuance down through time as instructed by Jesus, to remember, His sacrifice for us.
To partake with a reminiscing thankful and grateful a blessing not to be taken for granted. Yes, I have at times been guilty of accepting the bread and the wine without enough gratiude. Ones mind must remain focused on the face of Jesus the saviour.
Talking about gratitude. Where would be be without our families?
My son Lee-Joel came for a short visit and assisted me in obtaining my first Blog site...this one.
Granddaughter Kirra, preached her first sermon to the youth at her church,"History Makers."
I have yet to hear that she uses her beautiful voice to sing in church. Kirra visited Uganda and helped with the orphaned babies last year. God bless you Kirra.

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