Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday "A Quiet Day"

Rain on the roof, pouring down the pipes and running out to smother the road. I am dry inside the house, and happy not to be Outback in the wet and mud while residing inside a car and caravan!
I read to-day on another Blog where the person described Blogging as similar to Schizophrenia, stating that you talk to yourself in your head. Not so.... with Schizophrenia you have a fixed faulse belief that another resides in your head and you converse with them......
It's interesting to write down your thoughts, and yes, with time we all look back on what's been written wondering how on earth we could have said what we have! Yes the human mind is an interesting phenomenon.
I would like to Salute a Godly Man.
I didn't get the opportunity to meet Pro Hart in person yet his art and his life continue to speak beyond the grave. I chanced to visit his gallery at Broken Hill in Outback N.S.W. and was humbled by this extrodinary man's interesting life. When once asked how he decided what to paint he answered. "I just paint as the Lord directs." He became a wealthy man, and travelled the world for his exhibitions. Many famous people brought his paintings and yet he remained a simple minded carefree man. Free of the cumbersome burdens that pertain to riches. God and family came first and through his philosophy he left a legacy of love to his family.

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