Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday "The Autumn Years"

Much can be said about retirement. You can go to bed when you like and sleep lazily in, in the morning. Gone are working hours and shift work. Working at the Royal Brisbane while gaining a Post Graduate Degree and living at Redcliffe (at that time) was pretty hard when working a late, finishing at 11pm at night, then an early, back on at 7 am. It was a fast busy life, yet I loved it. One rainy night a few of us decided to explore the old nursing quarters situated in a decaying three story building in the dark hospital grounds. All we had to light the way were our torch's. I still remember that night. Around 11:30 pm we got concerned about falling through rotting floor boards or getting stuck in the old lift. So parting ways we each headed off home, in separate directions, like excited teenagers.
Getting thrown into working in the Emergency Department at Redcliffe Hospital for the first time was an unexpected terror. Yet from the first day, I loved the adrenalin rush. So I went on to complete a three months contract with them before moving residence further north to Caloundra and going to work in Nambour Emergency yet still under Queensland Health. The fast track was my forte and kept my feet on the run. Picking up a few casual shifts with Caloundra, E.D. I commenced working for them which was great as it was closer to home. I secured my Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support training while there which has stood me in good stead for advanced care and critical thinking. Next was America and after having to complete my Boards Examination I was now considered a B.S.N. and commenced working in the local hospital.... Australian Nurses all need to work oversea's to realise how great they have it here. I disliked it intently and left to work for Amedysis Home Health. Loved the nursing, but not the endless paper work. We have our secretaries do that over here. BUT, I loved the staff!! and hope to always keep in touch with those great girls. So the Autumn years are finally here and now I may please myself.... and my God.

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