Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday "Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave when First we Practice to Decieve."

I have no idea why I wrote the subject heading that I have today, however, all is for a reason and a purpose.
Someone who is very close to me has lied straight to my face on a few occassionals lately, and it hurts very much. Lying destroys trust and when there is no trust the relationship begins to crumble until all there is left is dust. Nothing worthwhile is worth a lie. Have I ever lied....yes, I am guilty, but, never to take away someones faith in me... to me intergrity is the essence of a strong foundation, and a strong foundation is what holds a relationship together.
I was speaking to my son today about the most beautiful relationship I have ever witnessed in my life. It was between an Italian couple in their seventies Sandrina and Marcello. They lived across the road from us in a rural community. When you spoke to one, they spoke back always reflecting the other, in the conversation. I never ever heard a mean word escape their lips, either about family of friends. People like that are a true salute to life. They are a blessing from, and to, God their creator. Marcello died one morning. He simply fell down dead outside in the garden. Sandrina found him. She literally mourned herself into her grave not long after. Such was her anguish because her beloved soul mate and partner for life was no longer with her..
I dedicate this poem of mine to them: BELOVED ONE
Love comes softly like a bird, on feathered wings and golden words. Harped angelic melodies, fill the skies unbounding end. When lovers join as one, their entwining spirits blend.
Goodnight Sandrina, Goodnight Marcello.... until we meet again.

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