Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tuesday "My sister"

Standing on our driveway I watched as the caravan and car carrying my sister turn the corner and disappeared from sight. A week together of sharing, talking and laughter was over as if they had never been. All that was left were the tyre imprints from her 4wd left on the side lawn. My sister Janiece has been the mainstay of my life. She is my best friend and a rock of Christian faith. Almost 6 years my senior it is she who has encouraged me in my darkest hours and lighten my heartaches with her words of wisdom. Married to Max for 45 years they walk together holding hands like a couple on honeymoon. Still in love, each thinking and helping to balance the other. Yet life hasn't been perfect for her, she has had her own tribulations. When the storms of life have buffeted she has simply sat at the feet of Jesus rubbed His feet lovingly with salve and refreshed her own soul. I love and salute my precious sister and I thank God for giving her to me. She is a rich blessing, a jewel, and a shining star.

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