Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wednesday "Birds"

There is much wonder and joy in a birds song.....
In the beginning God created the world! His love reached out and provided us with costless joys through our 5 senses. Hear a song, see colour, smell a flower, feel life, taste fruit. While I sit here writing I can hear the birds. Their endless chatter begins early in the morning as they raid our flowering front trees and carries on during the day. Delectably enjoying sweet luscious mandarins unreachable by us outback in our tree. Kookaburra's ignite in laughter when something tickles and the magpie, variates between a yodel and a song. My husband Raymond grabs his camera to capture a moment in time as a bird entertains unknowingly. What a sad world it would be without birds and colour. Without flowers and fruit for them to feed off.
Without a heart that feels the joy and without a camera to capture and hold the moment.

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