Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Asian Experience

"Mum, I'm going to Bangkok on Sunday, don't forget Elyshah is staying with you while I'm away." WHAT! what did my daughter say? My head is continually in the clouds and my thoughts running away with a kookaburra's laughter somewhere outback in the mango tree. Hang on, has the time come already! "Sorry my darling, I didn't realise, would you like me to come with you? I'll have to ask Dad if he minds." She was a little battler who had survived so much and now it was her turn to take back 'the years that the locusts had eaten.' We soared off into blue skies like two teenagers on adventure. Malaysia then Bangkok through customs and past sureillance camera's. Two wide eyed Emu's from Oz staring in amazement at the statues of 'other gods.' Booked into a hospital for cosmetic surgery to have rhinoplasty to correct damage done by a violent husband we were bedazzled by the pandemonium. I had never seen a busier place. Was this a hospital or a medical warehouse production line? Nurses walked to and fro dressed like models in high heels and mini skirts while countless patients watched. Did they have any brains? None were older than the mid twenties. Thank God I had come to watch over my daughters care. The staff were gracious and caring. Such humble sweet natures, they touched our heart with ever ready smiles and bows of thank you. The street vendors we were warned not to buy from became familar friends as they laughed at our awkward hand signalled requests. Fresh cut pineapple, even more delicious than those picked not far from where we lived. God brought a beautiful New Zealand girl across our path. Alone and unwell, we befriended this special lady at the hospital. Then with health restored the three of us wandered the busy streets and fascinating shops together.
A Kangaroo, her Joey and the Kiwi.........

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