Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Joey "Daniella" and Kiwi "Chimene"


  1. Okay, it's time to get "real." Neither of you look old enough to have a grown daughter and granddaughter. Clearly, you're fooling your readers! :-)

    It's a great shot of the two of you and I enjoyed reading about the trip to Thailand. Why did she have to go there for the surgery? Is there something about healthcare down there that makes it more advantageous to go outside the country? I know nothing of the system, but I'm assuming it's like Britain's national service.

  2. Well....My daughter is the one on the left (39yrs) and our new friend Chimene (49yrs)on the right. I took the pic. I am 64yrs old and just beginning to feel it especially since the accident that has hindered my mobility 2 yrs ago. But, thanks be to pray, I am much better than I was. I can walk again now. My daughter went to Thailand because although our health care here is free, that does not include cosmetic surgery. She looked into the cost here and it would have been approx $9,000. She researched the cost over there and with the Doc and hospital plus getting her teeth attended to it cost under $5,000 Au dollar. I was in my first (Italian)marriage for 29yrs... if you have seen the "God Father..." I need say no more. BY THE GRACE OF GOD, I am still here today... My daughters hubby was also southern Italian! AND he broke her nose badly...When you are severly abused you carry the scars. No I haven't lied in my writings or misled anyone. My eldest granddaughter Kirra is almost 21. I am blessed with my fathers english skin..and I don't put that discusting mud on my face or drink or smoke. My profile photo is 5 yrs old.I will put a more recent one on and you will see...

  3. Oh, now I see, thank you -- I got things turned round backwards and thought Chimene was you. Do they say "I put my foot in my mouth" down there or is that an Americanism? We call it "foot in mouth disease" and I get it pretty often. LOL!

    I didn't realize cosmetic surgery wasn't included in the National Health. I'm so sorry she's had the experience she's had with her husband -- a person really can carry the scars of abuse, especially the ones on the inside, there's no question of it. But I hope life goes much, much better for her from now on.


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