Sunday, October 4, 2009

Believe in Miracles

Do you believe in miracles? I do! I also believe the Angels watch over us, Psalms: 91.
Raymond owns a Harley, Road King Classic, it's his pride and joy. Of course I have my seat on the back yet I am begining to get cautious with age. So when out church organised a road trip involving the bikes I didn't even ask if women could go. Safely I was happy to remain at home and visit a friend. Bikes and Tykes, they lined up eager to go. However, it was explained to the non church attendee's present that a prayer for safety was important prior departure. Ps Keven did the honours with all in agreement before they roared off in a flurry of blue green grey black and yellow. At 1000hrs the phone call came. "Hello," my husbands voice. "Can you come and get me?" "How come," I queried. "Well I had an accident and came off the bike." "So how's the bike," I asked, knowing I'd learn more about the accident by the condition of the Harley. "It's not good," came his low response. "Are you alright?" I asked. "Yes, I'm fine," came the typical male answer.
Later I was to discover my husbands escape from harm was a miracle. On a country road and riding in unfamilar territory at 120kph he lost control of his bike on a bend. It happened at the side of a concrete bridge near a guard rail. Missing these he sailing through the only gap possible to be air born for a couple of metre before the bike fell hitting brush then water . Ray was thrown over the handle bars. Shocked and sorry, he met me as soon as I arrived. Instantly I observed him for an elevated pulse (internal bleeding). He refused Hospital for monitoring after I considered a possible # Sternum so I kept vigil all day. My main concern of ruptured Mesenteric Artery or Spleen later ruled out with no abdo tenderness, tackycardia or hypotension. Praise God, Ray was up early on Sunday morning to take off for a 3 day golf championship. . ... MIRACLES do happen!


  1. I love how we step naturally into medical-mode when something happens. It's not something we think about, it's just what we do. I suspect it's part of how we cope. Instead of losing our grip, we say, "You look hurt -- okay, let me check your pulse." Later on, when we're certain they're fine, we realize how long we've been holding our breath. :-)

  2. So true...Ha Ha... I seem to analyse everything. People don't realise what secret a pulse gives out either so are unphased!
    Praise God for all His many blessings.


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