Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Speak to God everyday in prayer and he will hear.
You are His precious child and He is ever near
When strife and hurt occurs beyond your cope
Always remember His saving grace and divine hope
He created you in the perfection of His image
He knows your thoughts and deeds yet pays you homage
As a human sometimes weak, doubtful and lacking in courage
He holds you close and guides your feet on slippery ground
Through mire and drudge, His guidance profound
As a good sheppard tenderly watches over His sheep
Loving forgiving then healing and aiding to keep
You placed in His flock, nutured close to His heart
A diamond so rich, that you glisten as part
Of His jewellery on earth, and His Image of Art.....
Especially to my granddaughter Kirra who has kept herself especially for her newly betrothed Benj.... Two of God's Jewels on Earth.

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