Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lance Corporal Arthur William White 1904-1981

My father grew up in  London England the eldest of three children.
He migrated alone to Australia when he was twenty one and settled in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation area on the border of New South Wales and Victoria.
Later he met and married my mother, Emilee Charles. They had five children and I was the second youngest.  I believe he corresponded with his siblings back in England for a few years, then eventually this diminished.
When the second world war broke out in 1939, my father signed up and trained at Paddington Army barracks in Sydney.
He sailed to the Middle East and later when he returned from there, he was sent to New Guinea and the Kokoda Trail.
On his return home he hardly spoke of the horrific experiences.
Like many, he suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as well as many other physical ailments.
He passed away at 77yrs from lung cancer.
My father never returned back to England.....all of his past was left forgotten.
I never met any of his family, they are a mystery and remained so.
Yet my father lives on in the looks and personality of my eldest son, Peter.
My father was a joker with a quick wit, and to hear my son jest, is to here my father all over again.
He never lost his English accent, it was always there especially in the way he asked me to make, a Coopa tea.
He was a fast walker, as is Peter, and I had to run to keep up with him.
When I close my eyes and think of him, I can still hear his voice and laugh.
Gone now for many years, he is never forgotten.
I will love and miss you forever Poppy.
Peter, his hair longer but approximately the same age here as the photo of his grandfather.

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