Thursday, November 26, 2009

Oh Lamb of God I Come...........and Build an Altar to Thee.

Retiring to bed last night nothing intentional was on my mind. As soon as my head hit the pillow I began to lift God up in Praise. It was as if it all, just burst forth...a spring of Heavenly Praise.

Rising from deep within my spirit, reaching out to His......and I feel it again as I write these words.
Praise you Lord, Thank you Father, Glory to God in the highest, Praise your Holy Name, Blessed be God forever and ever, Thank you Lord my God and my Redeemer. I give you all the thanks and praise,. Thou art worthy, worthy is the lamb, blessed be God forever. Oh praise you Jesus, Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Thou art worthy to be praised.

My God, my soul, I lift you higher....
Mighty King, Prince of peace.....
My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savour! Blessed be...

This is the secret to everything, Praising Our Creator God!  
There has been so much on my mind lately, so much that I have come before Him about in conversation, talking to Him, praying to Him. Now He is showing me there is no need to voice my concerns  any more. 

All I have to do, is simply "Praise Him!" and the gates of Heaven open wide.
Suddenly I am before the throne, on my knees before my God and he is right here. There is just us, but I am different. I am young again, fresh and pure...unaffected by the filth of this world. And His great love Embraces me.  Just as I am I come....without one plea.....
Just as I am...Blessed be...

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