Sunday, November 8, 2009

Woodstock or Woodford.... That is the Question.

For all you old Hippies out there, Woodstock is remembered. I watched a documentary reliving that time and was stunned, it was sooooo wild!

Australia has The Woodford Folk Festival.
A week long Festival held every year prior New Year on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland,  on Aboriginal Jinibara Country.

Set on 500acres it is dedicated to the Arts and Humanities and underpinned by a strong sense of environmentalism.

Over 580 events with more than 2,000 Local, National and International Entertainers.
I have only attended once, for one day,  yet what I found the most entertaining were the Street Theatres and Parades. The rest include: Musicians and Stilt Walkers.   Fire Eaters,  Dancers, Circus Performers, Art and Craft Workshops,  Cafes and Restaurants..all making the entertainment sucessful.  

A diverse audience of all ages and many different nationalities converge eack year to join in the festive fun.    Of course no one is put off if it rains...that just add's to the flavour.     

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