Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Alone but never lonely.

I hope as you read this today, it builds up hope and encourages.
Do you ever feel you are not good enough and never will be?
Do you feel no matter what you do or how you do it someone will always remember your bad points and criticize. Do you feel unloved or forgotten? Uncared for or caste out?

Well, there are times when we all feel like this. Life can and does get us down. People are human, they see others and never themselves. I see others yet never myself. When they, I, point a finger at another, we cannot see, the three pointed back at ourselves! 
We can place people in boxes and label that box. .... Pain in the neck, Drongo, Nuisance, Gossip, Trouble Maker, (everyone else but me that is...Oh, yer??)  
Is this kind? is it helpful? No, it is not! We are all sinners and we all fall short. 

Just try to do your best.
When you lay in bed at night, imagine.........your mind and your heart,being washed clean and ready for a brand new start the next day. Tell God and others you are sorry when you wrong them. Forgive anyone who has hurt you, and ask God to do the same... It brings healing to yourself!

Thank God for all you have, fresh air to breath 
 the sun, moon and sky, the blessings are endless. Thank Him for yourself and all you are....you are a gift sweet and perfect in Gods eyes.
Speak this aloud now. "I am beautiful  and God loves me just as I am. I will try everyday to do and be my best. If I fail, I know that when I confess, He is always ready to forgive me, because, He is my Daddy and He loves me.
"Thank you Lord for dying for me. Thank you for paying the price for my sins...Keep me close to yourself always. In Jesus name. Amen."   


  1. What a wonderful post, thank you so much. I needed that.

    I have just seen that you popped by my Craft Shed;) I have not been there for a while so I am sorry I didn't acknowledge you very nice comment.

    I am delighted to "meet" you.


  2. Well thank you Sheilagh, What a beautiful name, I shall pop into your craft shed again....
    Blessings always. Crystal


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