Sunday, November 15, 2009


Each day we all take, one step closer to Heaven. Death has no boundaries. Wouldn't we hope it did? Yet no matter our age, health or how much money we own, when death knocks at our door there is no bargaining.

This is a delicate subject, one that is shied away from. We all prefer to remain in our comfort zone, on Terra Firma.
Raymond Moodys book "Life after life" delves into scienfic, medical and spiritual aspects of out of the body experiences. Ian McCormack was a young man with a Christian mother who was so busy enjoying his life that God was non existant to him. The frightening story of his near death experience may be watched on YouTube.

So what do you choose to believe?

A man sat in a barbers chair. While he had his hair cut the barber continued on and on with his rendition of, if there was a God....
"If so," he argued,  "Why does He let all the horros and tragedies happen?
And because He does," the barber concluded, "I don't believe in Him!"
What could the man say? He finished having his hair cut and then left the shop. As soon as he walked into the street he spotted a man with dirty matted hair and beard.
Returning to the Barbers he said..............
"I don't believe in barbers, for if they were real I wouldn't see a man in the street who badly needs his hair and beard groomed!"
"How can you say that!" replied the barber. "I can't help it if people refuse to come to me!"
"Thats right," answered the man, "God didn't make us robots. He gave us choices."

The first man adam....brought sin and death into the world.
The last man Jesus...brought Eternal Life.   (The Bible)



  1. When someone says they don't believe because of all the evils that occur, I wonder who they credit with all the good that takes place as well? In other words, "You're saying God's primary responsibility, if he exists, is to make sure nothing bad happens. Kind of like a cosmic watch dog, right? Is that really all you want God to be?" I've never thought about it like that before, but it's a good question to considering asking back. :-)

  2. Yes it is a good question to ask in return.
    Well put!

  3. remove my cartoon - my work is copyrighted. The cartoon you say was emailed to's mine. Just because someone emails you doesn't mean you put it up on your site!

    Dan Reynolds

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