Tuesday, November 17, 2009


When your children fly the coop you're left with the empty nest bewildered and wondering, was that only a dream? Yes, they grow up and leave too quickly. Suddenly gone are the dashes to soccer and athletics training with games and competitions on weekends.
Racing a child to school in the car because they missed the bus. Hoping it doesn't breakdown because you are still dressed in your nighty. You'll die with embarrassment if anyone see's you and realises. Then a policeman gets you for speeding and you are asked to produce your licence. Fumbling apologetically you tell him it's at home in your purse, while your child looks on intently noting every word for "Show and tell."
Yes, I was a busy mum. I kept a huge house clean and cared for four children while also working in a family business. Life was hectic yet so rewarding.
Then suddenly one day, they began to leave. The hardest was the first one, and I cried on and off for six months. Of course she visited, but that's never the same. Then joy of joys, suddenly I was a grandmother. I had to contain myself not to take over reminding myself I wasn't the mother. The precious bundle was mine only to cherish for a short while and then I had to give her back.

Now what has caused me to reminisce today? I know, I can hear new life chirping in the trees around our house.
Parent birds are busy gathering food, sheltering from the weather and meeting the demands of their young. Tender wings will slowly strengthen as the parents protectively watch the first feeble attempts to fly. All to soon the fledgling will be ready for flight. Then without a backward glance and uncaring of their watchful nurturer, gleefully they will soar.....and begin their own saga.


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