Thursday, January 21, 2010

Climbing Mount Zion to Heaven

As the song goes, “I’m climbing my mountain, one step at a time.”
Really all we have in each day, is, that very moment.

God willing there may be more than that, the rest of the day, tomorrow, next week or next year, who knows?

It is good to plan, and to have a vision for your life. With each step taken we slowly accomplish our dream or vision for the future.

Where are you going? Do you have a faith in God?

If not, then there is nothing beyond death to look forward to…..How Sad!!.

The Christian looks forward to Eternal life. A hereafter and a life in Paradise.
No more pain, tears, loneliness or fear….. Can you imagine?

There is a wonderful song called, “I can only imagine.”

Yes, I can only imagine what Heaven is like….. I can read about it in the Bible….yet until I get there…..I can,……………. only imagine.

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