Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Without a Vision Man Doth Perish Proverbs 29:18

Yes...without a vision, a dream, something to look forward to, we give up on life.
I pray this year you have a vision and a hope for your life.

Sometimes others may smother our vision with words of discouragement. Sometimes we ourselves sabotage our own dreams by telling ourselves we cannot do something. 
We think we are not good enough or clever enough to succeed.
Think positively, for nothing is impossible to them that believe.
(Luke 1:37)

Is what we want to do according to Gods Will for us?  That's a good question and one that plagues the believer. Well....if it is wrong, God will place obsticles in the way. If it is right, then all the doors will be opened to go forward.  It is not a failure not to do what you want to do. Rather, sometimes God makes a better choice........

As a young girl I dreamed over books on ballet.  I wanted to be a dancer with all my heart.  Instead I went into nursing following a long family line of medical professionals.  I discovered a natural talent in giving, advocating and caring for others. It has been my gift to share again after I returned to nursing in 1994.

I recently read a story about an 87year old college student called Rose. She was an inspiration to many. Shortly after gaining her Degree she passed on to Heaven. But, she accomplished her dream first,  to attend University.  Age is no limit.

Mates: Jo, R.N. and Dr Julian.
My work hospitals: The Royal Hospital for Women, Liverpool District Hospital, Redcliffe Hospital, New Farm Clinic, The Royal Brisbane Hospital, Caboolture Hospital, Nambour Hospital, Caloundra Hospital.

Wellmont Hospital, Rogersville. Tennessee... then Amedisys Home Health, Rogersville. Tennessee U.S.A.
Just in case anyone thinks they know me.....

Recommended reading: 'The Power of Positive Living' by Dr Norman Vincent Peele.

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