Monday, March 22, 2010


While black and white photographs have an antique quality and are wonderful to look at… I am sure no one would be happy to live… in a colourless world.

Can you imagine not being able to see the wonderful autumn tones in this picture? Without colour it expresses loneliness, isolation, emptiness and depression.

On the other hand colour depicts joy, fun, sharing and life.

The first expression of colour in the Bible was the Rainbow. A multicoloured arch glorifying the sky with its beauty. God is the author of colour. He gave it to us not only as a promise but as refreshment for our soul.

A beautiful garden full of colour lifts your spirits, making you feel free and glad.

The beautiful Rainbow Lorikeets dominate my garden. There’re plumage is a joy to behold.
I cannot imagine them in Black and white; it would take away all their character.

Colour reflects the way you feel. It encourages health and wellbeing.  
Be happy.....and ...Colour your life with Rainbows……….


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Dio ti ama così siamo connessi.