Thursday, March 18, 2010


"Two little girls in blue." I could hear the beautiful voice accompanied by guitar, somewhere close by.  When time between patient care, I peeked around the corner into the next room.
A young woman sang and played, while an elderly female patient, listened enthralled. 
Music pages flicked and another song chosen. "Silver threads among the gold." Now I was the one enraptured. Who was this?
Curiosity prevailed and I caught up with her as she departed. 
"So do you come here often?" I queried.
She smiled sweetly, "I will from now on, I'm the Music Therapist!"
"Oh? .... so what does that entail?"
Four years full time University, I was informed.
"And...there are not enough of us!"  I wasn't surprised.

My mother-in-law suffered from alzheimers so I decided to try it on my next visit.
Laying my face close beside hers on the pillow I sang softly....
"Vola colombo bianca vola"..... She stared as though through a mist of memory.
So I sang another..
When it was time to leave I told her goodbye and kissed her cheek. She turned her face and returned the kiss with...
"Ciao Cristella bella mia."
For a brief moment the cloud in her mind parted....and understanding shone forth.
'Nothing can separate us from the love of God." Romans 8: 38-39..


  1. What a wonderful post. Alzheimers runs rapid on my father's side of the family. One thing my great grandmother encouraged was music. My grandmother now is suffering from it, but can easily get on the piano and play such beautiful music.

  2. Thats wonderful, I'm glad she still remembers.
    L-Glutamine and SAMe x6 are both natural meds good for the brain. Also to keep it active with doing puzzles, crosswords and scrabble.
    God bless you....and her. She is a precious soul.


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