Friday, April 23, 2010

Soldiers Once Were

An Englishman, he served Australia in the second World War, first in the Middle East and later on the
Kakoda Trail in Papua New Guinea. Captured and tortured by the Japanese. He somehow managed to make it back home to his wife and 3 children.
Mental and Physical illness plagued him for the remainer of his life.

He was my father and I was born long after his return .....

He was an American Marine wounded and awarded the Purple Heart in the Vietnam War. He almost lost his arm in action. And still has shrapnel encased in his chest. He spent time in Japanese and American hospitals. He also, retains the Mental and Physical effects of war.

He is my husband.

On the 25th April, Australia Remembers the gallant hero's. Those valliant men and women who sacrificed themselves so that we, may live in peace and security. 
This year that day fall's on a Sunday. It will begin with a dawn service and a march through the streets of every City and Town. Monday will be a National Holiday of rememberance. 

The Ode To The Fallen:
They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old.
Age shall not weiry them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun, and in the morning.

"Vigil"  Pre-dawn Memorial Service Held Yearly In Commemoration.
The Eternal Flame Burn's
Ray Pictured This Morning With The Fresh Floral Tributes. He will take part in the honourable march with all the other Vietnam Veterans. I take part to remember my father (Second World War) and grandfather (First World War).
25th April 2010 ANZAC DAY REMEMBERED..

John 15:13. "Greater Love Hath No Man, Than He Lay Down His Life For His Brother." 


  1. We should not forget our military's sacrifice. They risk everything just so we can enjoy this freedom we have. May God bless them all and thank you to your hubby and father. My hubby was also in the Navy before and served during the Gulf War. That was a tough time for me. So, I also pray for those families left behind as their loved ones go to preserve our freedom. We should remember all of them every day. Blessings to you.

  2. Yes, the war affected our entire family. My dad's mental injuries and memories helped to form our family and who we became. It is a proud heritage to have two people in your life to have served selfishly for us all.

  3. I am so proud and thank our Heavenly father for the men in my family and others(including my own father) who are and have served to protect each of us.

    Wonderful post!

  4. RCUBEs: L.D.Burgus: Legendswife:
    Thank you all for reading and leaving an add-on to this memorial. Currently Australia is watching a series called "Pacific" where the Austrailain and American forces fought together as commrades in WW11. My Grandfather also served in the WW1. Words cannot express, my gratitude to all of them.

  5. Brave men such as yours gave all they had so we might have all that we have. The continuing sacrifice which lives on not just through them but through their families, too. Last month I attended the military funeral of the 21 year old son of a dear colleague, killed in Afghanistan on March 4th. It was the most moving and heart-wrenching event I have ever been to.

  6. Your Pride Shines Through This Post.Thank You For Introducing Them To Us.
    Best Wishes.

  7. We will, indeed, remember them. We owe a debt of gratitude, far beyond words. Heroes, every one.

  8. Beautiful, touching tribute to these two men in particular and to all who served.

  9. What a moving post. The photos are wonderful. The sacrifice is immeasurable! Thank you.

  10. Amen.

    Thank you so much for this post.

    God bless you.

  11. A wonderful tribute to your two men and all those who have served so bravely.

  12. A lovely tribute, I share in honoring them..

  13. Thank you is an emotional day!
    God Bless our soldiers both yesterday and today..
    So sad for the families of the young who loose their lives....We salute them all.

  14. A very moving tribute. My father was in World War II. and my son is presently in the National Guard

  15. Hi Crystal Mary:

    How blessed you are to have two such courageous men in your life.
    I am always grateful and touched by the men and women that served.
    We have all the wonderful things we have because they protected our freedoms!

    Thank-you for stopping by! am so happy to meet you!

    I know it is a very emotional day for you!

    love,kelee @

  16. Hi Crystal Mary,

    Thank you for your kind comments about my book on my Blog "Fr Ignatius visits a cellar". I can't find your Yahoo address to thank you privately for your kindness to me. My address is and my personal website is

    God bless you always.

  17. Extending a big welcome to you across the ocean.
    I live in Washington State, USA in a military town. My husband did not serve in the armed forces, nor did our parents. Yet we are extremely proud of those who have and those who do. Your post is a great tribute to them. God bless you and yours.

  18. Thank you again everyone for stopping by. Have a great day. Blessings.

  19. you are among some amazing people...heros...Beautiful tribute...Sarah

  20. It is so nice to have a tribute to the soldiers. I know you are so proud of those in your family who have served so valiantly. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  21. The photograph of your father seems to somehow represent so much about war and its costs. Moving post.

  22. Lovely tribute to the two very important men in your life. I recognized that hat straight away (in the first one). Your pride shines through this post. Thank you.

  23. A very moving tribute to two of the important men in your life. I have a photo of my father from WW II that looks quite similar.

  24. Beautiful tribute, My thoughts with you on your ANZAC DAY! Very moving and poignant rememberances

  25. A lovely post to remind us to be grateful to God and those He has used to help us and protect us. I, too, am blessed with several in our family and appreciate them as well! Thanks for an excellent reminder. :)

  26. Great tribute to the members of your family that served in harms way.

    My Dad flew C-47s in the Burma Campaign in W.W.2.
    Used to love hearing his old war stories of that era.

  27. Thank you all, I have read with interest each individual comment. God Bless you all.

  28. What a wonderful tribute! The men in your life were brave. We need to keep all the Vietnam Veterans in our prayers, we appreciate them, and what they did.
    God Bless,

  29. Thank you Ginger, yes the Vietnam Vets are one of the forgotten... Bless you.

  30. This is a powerful post. Your father and husband's bravery and stories really touched me.


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