Tuesday, May 4, 2010


One minute you are alive and here and the next moment you may be gone.
Of one thing I am absolutely sure. Death comes to all.

We have a stretch of highway near our town that is notorious for fatal accidents.
Last Saturday, I myself was almost killed on that road. I pulled out after checking to make sure nothing was coming. The traffic lights were in my favour so I was sure it was safe to go.
A semi was approaching slowly from approximately 100 metres away which encouraged my confidence. Unfortunatly another driver sped up and overtook, swinging into my lane and collecting my vehicle.
It all happened in a moment..... in what felt like an instant.  
Even now, one week later, I shake my head in wonder.
I am still here.... and my life continues.
Why was I spared?
I don't know?
But I do know, I might not have been.... 

Not so for a young nineteen year man, a couple of days later.
 He'd only just earned his Provisional Licence the day before. I say earned because it's a long journey of lesson hours with a log book before the final Testing.  
 If after that 'Provisional' year you get through without a blemish, you may proudly pocket a Regular Licence. 

He pulled out as I had, failing to see a Road Train (Double Semi) approaching.  
In a *FLASH* his car was torn in half, and his spirit departed. 
I cannot imagine the despair his family felt when informed?
The shock, the disbelief, the grief! 
He was only nineteen!

Questions arise?
Why him?  Why not me? 
I know I am ready to go!
I have a strong faith and no fear.  I have led my life. 
I married, gave birth, watched my children grow, returned to my profession and continued my education. I am now retired. I have travelled and I have done, much with my life...
It just goes to prove. Death can come at any age. 
Life sits on a precipice of time, where there are, no boundaries. 

We all need to ask ourselves, "Am I ready when my time comes?
How do I stand with God?
Have I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savour?
Or do I THINK, I have Plenty of Time."

John 3:16, deliver's a Message.
"For God So Loved the World, that He Gave,
His One and Only Son.
So that, whoever (Truely) believes in Him,
shall not Perish (go to Hell),
but will have, Eternal Life (In Heaven)."



  1. Great post. The mystery of when we die or why someone else died and not us is all in our Lord's hands. We live to glorify His name every day and when He calls us home, it will be a day of cellebration. God bless, Lloyd

  2. Gone in a flash so be prayed up saying the Sinner's Prayer. Call upon the Lord and yea shall be saved. Salvation is at hand. The end is always near. All of us cannot escape death. So look up and realize; you have a loving Father. Thank God, praise Jesus! Amen!

  3. i'm shaking my head, glad that you're pysically sound, agreeing with your wonderings! times like these when i especially have to simply trust Him, realizing there is a bigger picture that i don't quite get.
    thank you for sharing this today...such a sobering reminder of how quickly our lives can be over!

  4. Grace. You were granted grace. Blessed be.

  5. Lloyd, Amen brother, completely.

    Chiccoreal, That is what its all about. Amen and Amen.

    Sabine, Thank you friend...Bless you. I am ready to go home. My prayer is that others will be also.

    Sheri, As a nurse I witnessed life and death yet nothing hits home more than a personel experience. I pray all, read the Word of God for themselves and come to know Jesus.

    Ronda, Yes, His Grace is everything. Thank you.

  6. I am very happy that you are okay and I am sorry for that young man's family.
    God loves you, many blessings.......:-) Hugs

  7. Oh what a profound piece you have written. Really makes one think. I live near a highway like that and right now it is being widen and will be even more dangerous. How right you are to remind us how thin the line is or life and death. So glad you are okay and my heart aches for the family of the young man. Thanks for a thoughtful piece.

  8. Hello Queenmothermamaw,Thank you for your comment. We take life so much for granted.
    I almost feel like offering you a cup of tea.
    Bless you for dropping by.

  9. thanks so much for choosing to follow :) your powerful and loving words for my granddaughter blessed me more than you can imagine, my friend!

  10. Dear Sheri, God loves you both, He see's all and understands all. Pray and trust Him for guidance. I am here also... although a long way away.. My email is situated on my profile page under the photo, so if you desire to write personally, you are very welcome. God Bless you both.


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