Friday, May 7, 2010

My Great Grandmother Ellen Charles "SEPIA SATURDAY"

Today I am featuring my great grandmother Ellen Charles.
Remembered for Mothers Day... I am sure this will be her first.  
 She married my great grandfather Thomas in Australia on the 21st October 1874.
Both migrated with their families from Cardigan in Wales.
Her dress was brown silk and is now on view in the Narrandera Historical Museum, New South Wales. Australia.
Ellen Gave birth to eight children. Four boys and four girls.
My grandfather Samuel, my mother's father, was her eldest son.

Pictured in latter years with her daughters. She survived her husband..
Sadly I don't know much about the family. I think 3 of the girls were nurses. 
One story I do remember was that the famous Bushranger Ned Kelly, came to my grandmother kitchen to get something to eat. He was fed and went on his way. 
Ned Kelly was born in Victoria of Irish parents.


  1. It is nice that you have a photo that far back. Large families was the norm back then. Interesting post.

  2. How wonderful that your Great Grandmother's pioneer silk dress is on view at a museum! I'll have to read up on Bushranger Ned ... he looks quite the colourful character.

  3. i enjoyed your sepia post...the photos are stunning! so much of my past was burnt in a house fire :( the older i become, the more it bothers me that i don't have their faces/lives to pass down to my own grands.

  4. Loved your post. This is a fun project. I have a photo today I don't know much about but have enough clues to search it out. I like that. Great Job. Blessings

  5. fantastic photos, brown silk that looks so carefully stitched. I think it must be amazing to have family clothing displayed at a museum. Tell more about the Bushranger, sometime, sounds interesting....

  6. L.D. Burgus, It's nice to see big families.Thank you for dropping by.

    Nana Jo,Its strange that they didn't bother with always wearing white back then....A different time and place.I would have liked to write more on Ned but didn't wish to defer from Ellen.

    Sheri, I'm sorry you lost many of your photos. And I do believe with age we learn to appreciate them more. Bless you heaps.

    QueenMother Mamaw,Looking forward to seeing what you place on your page. Bless you.

    Pat, Yes I cannot imagine sewing a dress by hand I wonder who did it? Maybe the museum holds the answer.
    Ned Kelly's father was a convicted felon from Ireland.They were a poor family and often stole livestock from surrounding properties.He wore armour when holding up travellers.He was only 25yrs old when hung in Melbourne. I think it's a sad story. He seemed to only steal from the rich.

  7. I wonder how Ellen felt about having Ned Kelly in her kitchen? It would be fascinating to hear more about that encounter.

    Very nice post.

  8. Fascinating series of photos and a guest appearance from Ned Kelly. Who could ask for more?

  9. She is beautiful...her hair, face and the clothes! Is there some notarity or celebrity reason for the dress being in the museum? It's a perfect picture to post for Mother's Day, too!

  10. An absolutely gorgeous dress-it belongs in a museum!

  11. Hello Martin, Yes I wonder if she were frightened? All I heard was that it happened. Thank you for your visit.

    Betsy, Thank you for your kind words. I feel the dress ended in a Museum because they were an influencual Welsh family and the dress was well-made and preserved. It may not have been placed there until well after her death?

  12. Barbara and Nancy, Yes it is lovely. Thank you for your visit.

  13. I love the picture of Ellen and Thomas. I am so interested in the dresses of that period, and this was a real treat!


    Meme participation awards,
    Happy Sunday!

  15. The dress in the museum, Ned Kelly at the door. What a story, and by the sound of things, what a lady.

  16. Fascinating post. What an elegant couple your great grandparents make. The Ned Kelly story is certainly one to pass down to younger generations! wow.

  17. Hello to Leah, Jingle, Alan and Willow..
    Your visit makes my day worthwhile... Bygone days, wild, romantic, raw, and exciting? I wonder..... Hugs to you all.


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