Thursday, June 24, 2010

Brain Differences and Changes


Males have a larger brain than female's yet female's can perform many tasks at once while males are limited to one.  

There really are big differences between the male and female brain.

Males tend to be better at analysing systems, while females seem to be better at reading the emotions of other people (better empathisers).

Males have 4% more brain cells than females, and about 100 grams more brain tissue. 
Yet with cellular connections, even though males seems to have more brain cells, it is reported that females have more dendritic connections between the brain cells.


The female brain has a larger corpus collusum, which means women can transfer data between the right and left hemisphere faster than men. Males tend to be more left brained, while women have greater access to both sides.

My son-in-law, grown children, niece and nephew.

Language is most often just in the dominant hemisphere (usually the left side), but a larger number of women seem to be able to use both sides for language. This gives them a distinct advantage. If a woman has a stroke in the left front side of the brain, she may still retain some language from the right front side. Men who have the same left sided damage are less likely to recover as fully.

Because females have a larger deep limbic brain they are more in touch with and able to express their feelings easier than males. They have an increased ability to bond and be connected to others, which is why women are usually the primary caretakers for children.

Young adults....ready to explore life's differences.
Antonio in the yellow shoes, sitting on a girls knee.
(now that's different)

My grandson Antonio is preparing to sit for his final school exams and graduate from High School this year.
The Australian school year finishes in December with six weeks Summer holidays.
Antonio is striving for a high O.P. for entry into University.
He wants to study to be a physical education teacher.

And God made male and female in His image, and behold, it was very good.
Genesis 1.


  1. My brain hurts !!!

    God bless you Crystal Mary.

  2. Crystal,
    HI! It's been so long since we've last chatted. As I was telling another blogger my computer has been on the fritz since April so now my brain and I are back in the blogging world. God Bless

  3. My brain hurts too - I am so tired and hot. Anyway just wanted to stop by and say hello! Nice family pictures. sandie

  4. There are differences between men and women. But isn't it awesome that God loves us all the same? God bless, Dr. Bobbi

  5. Thanks all:

    Men and women need each other to balance the scale differences.

    God is good.

    Bless you..


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