Monday, June 7, 2010

Take a Trip to Queensland Australia


  1. Fascinating! How I'd love to see all of this! I was impressed with the person riding that machine deep under the water--but had to laugh because I can't swim (even got expelled from swimming class when I was a child!)
    Kangaroos seem so exotic--something I've never seen even in a zoo. And those birds on your home page! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing this wonderful home you have.

  2. Beautifull. Very nice.
    Is it far away from Sydny and Morrisset etc? There lives my aunty and her husband and the whole family.

  3. Sr Ann Marie and Aritha, The kangaroos are timid and sweet. Yet some outback are mean.

    I live a long way from Sydney and Morrisset. That is in New South Wales. And I am in Queensland. Hope you both get to come here one in an experience.

    Won't it be great to get to Heaven.


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