Wednesday, July 14, 2010

DEPRESSION, the dreaded Blackness

When I returned to nursing in 1994 I never expected to specialise in the field of Mental Health.
It was the furthest place I wanted to be. Life was difficult enough without the added trauma of dealing with difficult people.
Yet my placement demanded I be rotated in different sections of the hospital.  
From day one I formed a love for these hurting human beings.
In all my time working in psychiatry I was never threatened hurt or harmed, yet many nurses are. I believe the reason why was because I always showed a genuine respect and care. In return I received the same. There is much I could write about, however I would simply like to hit on one area…….. Depression.

During my research and studies I learned that by the year 2021 the largest debilitating contributor to disease would be depression……
and I believe this to be so.

Depression and the road out…

One of America’s greatest Presidents suffered from all consuming depression. Born into a poor family he felt life was against him.
His one true love died an untimely death and he failed at work prospects.
In one of his darkest hours he wrote the following.
“I am now the most miserable man living.
If what I feel were equally distributed to the whole human family, there would be not one cheerful face on earth.
Whether I shall be better, I cannot tell.
I awfully, forebode I shall not.
I must die, or be better it appears to me.”

Well we all know this man survived and went on to greatness.
His name was Abraham Lincoln.

For everyone who has suffered from or still suffering depression you will know how seemingly hopeless this subject can appear.

For that reason I am recommending a book that is the best I have ever read.
Written by a medical doctor, Neil Nedley M.D, who uses a different approach, and successfully treats many patients!  I cannot recommend it enough.
He does NOT apply a band-aid effect....of "here take this medication" solution..
But gets down to the root issues of how and why.
Diets and light is used to nourish and stimulate the brain to wellness......

Read it for yourself!  and be encouraged! There is help!
 AND please give me your honest opinion after your finished.

 Psalms 55:17
"Evening and morning and at noon, I will pray and cry aloud, and He shall hear my voice."


     NO PRESSURE TO PURCHASE.                                     

the way out.


Dr Neil Nedley MD


  1. I do believe depression causes illnesses and I think we will see it documented more and more in the future. Thanks for addressing it. Sandie

  2. Did I miss the title of this book, I suppose I could find it by the author's name. I have a friend who suffers terrible from depression, I am not sure if I could get her to read a book but it would be worth a try. Thank you for sharing......:-) Hugs

  3. I think that the patients you helped appreciated you. You were likely a ray of light to them and the book sounds insightful and useful.

  4. Oh Crystal,
    This is indeed, a very serious problem for many people and I believe that you writing a book could be extremely helpful. I so appreciate you visiting my blog and because different people visit, we never know who this might help...
    I have a link party that will run Friday thru Sunday and you are welcome to post a Bible verse...People really do like to visit the, that could be quite helpful.
    AND, I would like to say that your name sounds like you were meant to do healing work...What a beautiful name and sweet spirit you have, indeed!
    Hugs from me,
    P.S. I will try to click to be a follower on here!

  5. Thank you for visitting me Crystal. It is so much appreciated.
    I have battled depression all my life. Now I am in constant pain it is even harder and I am particularly low at the moment.
    Blessinbgs to you and yours,
    June xx

  6. my friend, it's no wonder that you were loved by those you ministered to when you were dealing with those in depression! i don't hear any judgement from you, no anger, no disgust...just a desire for them to be made whole! with such a rave review who could resist such a wonderful sounding book as the one by dr. nedley...will have to look into it after i finish how to change by husband by friday ;) such a good read!!
    God bless you mightily as you continue to fight the good fight, dear crystal mary :)

  7. Love begets love, and this is the sure reason that your patients at the psychiatric ward were drawn to you.

    Thank you for sharing this , I have a good friend who is always in and out of depression.

    I will forward the link to her.

    Blessings on your day...

    And I thank you for the kind comments you left at my recent post. You are such an encourager, makes me want to keep on with my blog. There are days that I wonder if it is worth all the effort I put into maintaining my blog place. But when people leave kind remarks, it spurs me to go on and reach out to others in the blog world, to share the love of Jesus with them.


  8. Crystal Mary, this is an excellent post. Thank you for sharing from your own experience. I think the reminder that depression is an illness that carries with it definite physical characteristics is indeed important.

  9. Even if not destroyed by the depression, we will never know the lives that are made joyless by its often hidden presence. God bless you for caring.

  10. Hey, Crystal Mary!

    You have a blog here so beautiful in content, and with such good layout.

    In what I do now--long time sober member of AA, I meet so MANY afflicted with depression. After all, alcohol IS a depressant!

    God bless those so overcome with that specail pain.

    And...thank you for visiting steveroni, and leaving such an undeserved comment of niceness.

  11. Hello friends,
    What a blessing to have you call and add to the post with your comments. We are the body of Christ encircling each other with love.
    We all suffer depression/ discouragement at one time or another.
    Without my faith I could never have coped. So finding a book on a subject applicable with every aspect of care from the spiritual to diet on this subject, struck me as one I needed to share.
    Bless you all. May God cover and protect you with His peace and love.

  12. from my own experience, the thing i deplore was all of our psychiatric cases were put in the same crisis unit at the E.R., schyzo, depressive, etc... which made it very difficult for these patients. but i've always treated them "normally". i was strict but caring, giving them a sense of structure in their chaos, and tended to their needs, including a listening ear. i was not indifferent as i could relate to their problems, even if i myself have never been diagnosed... but for someone who once considered doing the "irreparable", i definitely had a perspective on the matter other colleagues of mine didn't have. it is easy to help someone, if you feel it doesn't take anything away from you,
    and give willingly.



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