Monday, August 30, 2010

Things You Don't Know About Cholesterol !!!

You hear all the bad about cholesterol now I would like to inform you what you probably don't know!!!

I believe that education enlightens and leads to insight, taking away fear and replacing it with knowledge....

So please read this and learn to fear no more.

Cholesterol is a vital component of every cell membrane in your body.
There can be no life without cholesterol.

This soft, waxy substance is found in every cell of your body and helps to produce cell membranes, hormones, vitamin D and bile acids that help you to digest fat.

To start with, the UVB rays in sunlight interact with the cholesterol on your skin and convert it to vitamin D. If your cholesterol levels are too low you won’t be able to use the sun to generate sufficient levels of vitamin D... and by now we all know that vitamin D plays a pivotal role in almost all aspects of our health... it’s been credited with helping to boost immunity, ward off cancer and much more...

You cannot make oestrogen, testosterone, cortisone, and a host of other vital hormones without cholesterol.

It’s also found in your brain where it helps with the formation of memories and is vital for neurology

Your liver and other cells in your body make about 75 per cent of blood cholesterol. The other 25 per cent comes from the foods you eat.

A healthy liver keeps cholesterol within a healthy range.
So how can you accomplish this?
WATER WATER and  WATER...But, don't drown yourself in it.
Try to drink at least six glass fulls per day, preferably a glass before each meal and one again after. It flushes the liver. Eat a good supply of fruit and vegetable's.
These cleanse the liver of toxins.
Eat less meat, dairy and takeaway fatty foods.
Try to eat OATMEAL a few mornings per week.
And you are on the way, to a healthier happier you.

 "Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well." (3 John 1:2)


  1. Dearest Crystal Mary,
    Such an interesting post this morning. Tis true, everyone seems to be worrying about their high cholesterol today. It's nice to read the other side.
    Thank you for visitting me today and I do hope the pic didn't stir up too many sad memories.
    Just close that page and start a new chapter. That's what I do!
    Big Hugs and many blessings,
    June xx

  2. Hello June, Yes I have closed that chapter. Hugs to you to my friend. xxxx

  3. Good information, Crystal Mary. My cholesterol was 280 and my doctor wanted to put me on medication. I'd read that 400 IU of Vitamin E would lower cholesteral in many people, so I asked him about it. He assured me that it wouldn't hurt, but that it wouldn't help either.

    I get a perverse enjoyment in feeding experts their own words, so when my cholesteral was 100 points lower the next month, I made sure that I told him that the only change I'd made was to try the Vitamin E. I DID change my eating habits a bit AFTER the test.

    Vitamin E had about the same effect on three other chubby old co-workers like myself, but absolutely none on a tall, lanky 20 year old with genetically caused high cholesteral. So, it won't work for evertbody.

  4. Thanx for the info Crystal Mary. Thanx for your prayers too.

    God bless.

  5. Thanks for the info. It amazes me how the "experts" are constantly changing their "expert" opinion. I'm very low in vitamin D so my doctor has recommended I take a lot of extra vitamin D. Also I've recently heard that all of that sunscreen keeps people from making their own vitamin D. One never knows what to believe.

  6. Hi Geoges, All the oils(Omega,Vit E, Olive oil on food) help reduce cholesterol(they also benefit arthritis,high blood pressure and depression)...I believe Flax oil to be the very best, but if the Vit E works for you, keep on..
    One thing...if cut you will bleed more as they thin the blood. If you go for surgery stop taking at least one week prior.
    The secret is keeping that liver cleansed, and not clogged.
    Oatmeal(for breakfast) is a great reducer also.Bless you.

    Hello Victor, I will praise God for you my friend, may His love and blessing rain down..

    Dear Charotte, Vitamin D also comes from the sun and yes, many sunscreens prevent it penetrating.. I watch my little dog sunbake even on a hot summer day.. nature tells them what to do. So get out in the sunshine without protection for at least a half hour each day when the sun is not at its hottest.
    At other times wear a hat and protection..
    God bless you my friend.

  7. Hi dear Mary. yes for sure the oatmeal and Flax oil, I feel like a different person since I mad changes in my nutrition. thanks to you and that book. blessings

  8. Well said, and the Scripture is a favorite of mine too.

  9. Good to know my friend, thank you, you have been such a fountain of information and a good friend to me and many others.....:-) Hugs

  10. I'm not too hung up on cholesterol, but I know I don't drink enough water. I loved your last post about happiness - that is the best medicine!

  11. Hello Crystal Mary!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I just love meeting new sisters in the Lord!

    My daughter-in-law is from Queensland also. The pictures I have seen from there are simply so beautiful.

    As for cholesterol, a few years ago mine was high and my doctor wanted to immediately put me on medication. I don't like to take medicine unless it's absolutely necessary so I got on the computer and tried to see what I could do "naturally" first. I started trying to walk more. And in addition to that, I began to eat oatmeal for breakfast every day, eat 1/4 cup of walnuts, and drink 1/3 cup of grape juice. I had those three things daily for three months. When I went back for my checkup my cholesterol was down to 175 ! He was amazed!

    So very good to meet you Crystal Mary! Please visit me again !

    God bless! Mississippi

  12. Respected Mam,
    I visited very first time on your blog. it is really very informative and useful.i liked it.
    with regards.

  13. God is so good bringing us the pleasure of meeting many on here. Keep well and happy in Christ. God bless. CML

  14. Thank you for visiting my blog the other day! And thank you for this information on cholesterol and the liver. I didn't know any of this.

  15. Hello Crystal Mary,
    At last a sensible view about cholesterol, I have been in disagreement with a couple of doctors who are only interested in getting me on statin drugs for some time.
    Blessings, Jan (Australia)


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