Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Molehill or Mountain

We all know the old saying about Turning Moleholes into Mountains, but until I actually saw a molehill, I was unable to visualise the difference.

Lately I have been impressed at how some people make so much about nothing!
Surely its not only a total waste of time, it is damaging and hurtful to the receiver.
I see a Molehill as a small (made) pile of dirt, and a mountain as an huge impassable blockage. One that requires fortitude and time to climb and conquer.

People are challenged to climb mountains, just as they are challenged to overcome trials....
However, no one desires to have an adversity forced upon them.

Living in an imperfect world means we can all misinterpret another's intentions. However prior the assumption of what you think may be something not so nice. It is good to take time for clarification not just reaction.

Road Rage...caused by people who consider themselves superior and the rulers of the highways and byways.

Pointless Arguments, Power Struggles, Temper Tantrums, Bad Behaviour.
These are all oxygen wasters that turn a beautiful person into an ugly one...
They Turn, molehills into impassable Mountains.

Be Beautiful.....
Have a sweet soul perfume like Mother Teresa.

One of her famous quotes is:

"Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today.
Let us begin." (To live well!)

Nuture love instead of anger,  Spread joy instead of sorrow.


  1. I had my Life Group (small home group of church ladies) tonight. We were studying this very thing. We must be intentional about loving, forgiving, understanding, accepting. And for Christians, we also must be deliberate in connecting. Thanks for the beautiful reminder.

  2. Hello Suzy, So very true. I am usually a passive person yet to my own sorrow, I have been reactive. Hugzzzzz

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  4. Great message ... great pictures. Thanx.

    God bless you Crystal Mary.

  5. Even the molehills as well as the mountains are bright red in Australia!!
    Did you know the are no moles in Ireland? I didn't ever see molehills till I was an adult in England.
    Of course I know the saying and I am as guilty of doing it as anybody - a born worrier. Of all the saintly people you could mention, I absolutely adore Mother Theresa. She spent some time in Belfast during the troubles, but shied away from any publicity.

  6. Rspected Sister,
    really your way of communicating messages is very attractive and impressive.I like this.
    best wishes.

  7. Thank you all...
    There are actually no mole hills in Australia either....no moles...and because of that, I had no idea how small compaired to a mountain they are. I got this picture from the net.
    Mother Teresa died not long after Princess Dianna yet hardly anything was said about her passing. I believe she desired that. She was a very selfless woman..And one of my greatest hero's. I don't believe a word has ever been spoken againt her!

  8. Very good post. What an angry world we live in these days! Maybe I was just naive, but I don't recall seeing this level of public anger when I was a kid. I assume it's because the percentage of Christians is shrinking. I think that anger levels may be the the most obvious difference between believers and non-believers.

  9. People Do Have Difficulty With Scale Sometimes.
    Saying That, It's The Easier Option To 'Climb' A Molehill!

  10. enjoy the moment- love your post and photos!

  11. I guess I go off course a bit in the comment section...but your post reminded me that I do want to ask Almighty God why He put moles on this earth...and why once upon a time, my yard had more than its share of them.

    I hope your commentors won't make a mountian out of this mole hill of a responce.lol

  12. Oh Stan, You made my day. I had a good laugh and I needed it. I have NEVER seen a mole but I imagine they resemble our wombat?? Bless you heaps.

  13. Stan's story of his moles as a pest reminded me of the old Jacobean rebel toast "To the gentleman in the silk jacket" which is supposed to refer to the mole - because King William of Orange died in 1703 when his horse tripped on a molehill!!

  14. Georges
    I don't know as a certainty,but I do think people have worse behavour problems today than in yesteryear...Maybe there are less Christians and that is why? I think there is too much bad influence in the meadia.

    Kethew, Thank you for visiting I pray you return.

    Phillip, King William of Orange? I will look that up! Sounds quite a tale. Poor horse, naughty mole.

  15. Media....I write too quickly....Oh my..LOL

  16. Hello dear Crystal Mary,
    You know how much I love to read your posts. I'll tell you a funny story about moles.
    We had a lovely neighbour who was Rector in our village at the time. His garden was plagued with moles and molehills.
    One day we heard the sound of a shotgun. We went outside to see and there was our Rector waiting for a movement in the 'hills' and firing his shotgun into them.
    Poor moles...I don't think he ever got one.

    The gamekeepers always used to catch moles and string them along the fencing........Ugh!

    I think there is a lot more impatience in the world and this leads to anger, often over the simplest of things.

    My love to you,
    June xx

  17. Hi Crystal,
    Such a great post...and I love the picture of Mother Theresa...what a wonderful soul...so inspiring, so loving.
    I just popped over to say "hi" and hope you're doing well!

  18. Very inspiring post. I love Mother Theresa's story also. Yes the media has sure done a lot to make folks disenchanted with their lives, their looks and so many things. It is so hard not to become cynical in the late years, so that is why I try very hard to stay in my contemplative state. Just doing and simple things and being grateful. It works until someone wants to pull me into what they think is more important. My children think I am becoming a hermit. LOL no way.

  19. Sweet June, I cannot imagine shooting little creatures..or getting mad at them. Your poor Pastor, I can see the picture. Hope all is getting easier for you.xxx

    Dear Cindy, Hi back to you....Hey mate, your looking good LOL.

    Peggy dear,I think you seek more peace and solitude as life winds down. When I was younger I loved fast cars and loud music. They have gone now. I enjoy taking my time and looking at our beautiful world. Peace be still is now my theme...so saying this, I still enjoy riding pillion on the Harley.

  20. great post love the quote about anger.thanks rose


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