Thursday, December 16, 2010

Awesome Encounter

Some of you may believe this and some may not.
However, it is true.
My husband left the house early this morning to play golf.
I remained in bed until around 7:30am.
Something woke me up and I looked straight into the hallway.
I got a glimpse of the side then back of a huge wiry man, departing.
He had muscly arms and seemed to be wearing a white t-shirt.
I only saw the top half before he was gone.
There was no sound and I felt no fear.
I knew instantly I had seen an angel..
Needless to say, I was awe struck...
If I had been facing the wall and windows I'd have missed him..
The wonder of this encounter was mind boggling.
Over the years I have witness the spiritual realm on various occasions.
Perhaps you have also.
If so, then tell me your story..

"Praise the Lord, all his angels,

you mighty beings who carry out his orders
and are ready to obey his spoken command."
Psalm 103:20 <><


  1. How awesome that you were blessed to see this angel. I have seen spiritual things that really have no description, other than I just know it is from God. I pray He continues to give us eyes that see His kingdom. And thank you so much for your visits and encouraging words at Daily Grace. God bless, Bobbi

  2. I know that must be awesome! Years ago, we were trying to sell our old RV, still brand new, except I didn't know, the pipe from the generator came loose as I was driving it in the dark of the night, creating sparks and smoke. I was praying so hard that I would make it to be home without any injury. Cars were visibly just avoiding me, until one truck came out of nowhere and started bright lighting me, signaling me to pull over. I did and had asked the Lord for protection knowing it must be something serious by then for someone to try to get my attention. I usually don't stop on dark roads, late at night but I knew it was a necessity at that time. Out came this man, very tall guy, wearing a white shirt who kept his high beams on so it was hard for me to see his face. He yanked the pipe and gave it to me. He said everything was okay. I was trying to give him money but he declined and just accepted my "thanks". I got home safely. Only to realize the following morning as I showed my hubby, that the pipe was badly burned, almost to the melting point. He yanked it with his bare hands and gave it to my own bare hands. I didn't have any burn. I couldn't think of any answer but some divine intervention. I praise Him for constantly reminding us of His power and presence! And the help He truly provides. God bless and Merry Christmas to you sister! ~Love in Christ - Rosel

  3. Hello Bobbi, There is so much we cannot always explain. Some people would think we are crazy, but I know what I saw. God bless you also.

    Hello Rose, Thank you for sharing this. It is very special and also awesome!!! One day we will know all. We will be surprised to know the number of times angels have helped us without us knwing..Prayer is wonderful, you prayed and God took care of you..I am thrill to hear this!! God bless you also.

  4. As christians, I do believe the Holy Spirit gives us discernment on what is good and what is evil. So, if you feel that you saw an heavenly being... then you did!!! During various times in my own life, I have had visions. God is reminding us,ever so gently, that He is indeed real and loves us very much. Angels are all around us... sent to minister to us and protect us.

  5. Hello WW, You are so right, angels are all around, and yes, the Holy Spirit does discern. Oh what would we do without him?
    Of one thing I am sure, we need to be careful not to worship angels, and I don't. But I am also very aware of the spiritual world when I am shown or allowed to know. This has been with me since a small child. My faith is in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
    I share to inspire faith in others.
    God bless you heaps.

  6. Thank you for sharing your encounter.
    yes, i too insist I've had commerce with an angel - and I'm comforted by your post.
    love & love,

    ps - i really like the photo on your header. Wish i knew what the bird was thinking . . .

  7. Wow! What a wonderful gift from God! I too have seen an angel and I felt so special.

    Thanks for sharing your experience,

  8. Hello G, you have just imspired me also. Many are afraid to speak of such experiences, afraid of what others think of them. The bird in the header is a blue winged kookaburra one of our natives. These birds laugh, and eat small rodents, other birds and husband Ray took this picture. Hugs to you.

    Child of God, bless you for sharing your own sighting..Our Heavenly Father delights in touching our lives through these awesome experiences... I wonder if it makes Him chuckle? Hug to you sister.

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  10. Thank you for sharing Crystal. I too have had such encounters, both visual and audible. One that stands out in my memory is from back in 1993. On the edge of a complete nervous breakdown, I was lying in on the bed, resting, at about 2pm. My then hubby decided to go to the shops without disturbing me, BUT he left the back door open and the front door unlocked. I heard a voice say "Does she know he's going?". I immediately got up off the bed, went out the front to my hubby who was about to drive off, and asked him to please NEVER go out leaving the place unlocked if I'm not up and about. He said he reckoned it was perfectly safe to do so. God, though, obviously knew better.
    "For he shall give his angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways." (Psalms 91.11)
    Praise Be!
    Love to you

  11. Hello Freda,So glad to hear your story. I am glad you were taken care of.
    Funny that you should mention that your husband went out and left the house unlocked. We live in a country town but I still like to lock the doors. My hubby left the back door open and the screen door unlocked. The dog didn't bark, there was no noise at all. However,I was glad to be up, and stunned that he left it like that. He also promised never to do it again.

  12. Kookaburra!!!! We sing a camp song about the Kookaburra, and you have them "singing" for you every morning. Very Nice! Thank you, thank you for that.

    You can't imagine how many news articles I've seen where I've become "Georgia." It's a beautiful, feminine name - and, if you knew how horrible i am at names, you'd realize I'm thrilled when anyone addresses me kindly, no matter what name they use.

    I'm georgy - like the song "hey there, georgy girl" - My dad was George . . . so, here i am.

    Whatever you are doing today, i hope it's marvelous.

    Sending you LOVE,

  13. Hi Georgy, well it is a sweet name, especially if after your father. The kookaburra song is a classic Ozzie one, as is Georgy girl sung by Ozzies 'The seekers'... (on you-tube...) so you are famous!!! I am going to look up your email and send you something I am very passionate about.. Bless you xxx

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  15. I would or could never tell anyone it isn't possible - I would love to see one myself!


  16. Yes, I believe that angels minister to us every day. When I was at the courthouse for my divorce, I felt like it was a funeral. I was crying so hard I had to go out into a hallway to compose myself. There was a woman there over in a corner chair and she looked at me so compassionately and started singing Amazing Grace. I always thought she must have been an angel.

  17. I enjoyed reading your interesting story and I believe you. I am sorry to say I never experienced this, but have friends that have. Have a very Merry Christmas and a nice week.


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