Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Award: Who ??

Well, this was a surprise.
Thank you Child of God,
(Sweet Joy) 
I count this a blessing.

There are rules which go with this award.
And I am to pass it on to others.

Please forgive me for not doing that...
I care for ALL my Blogger Friends..

SHARING of myself....hmmm.

I am not very interesting really.
A bit mad!!
A mad hatter actually..
A butterfly~~>
And a bit like:
Alice in Wonderland, a dreamer.
Pollyanna, have a vivid imagination.
Anne of green Gables, frequently annoy others.

But I have an unusual insight..perhaps a Gift.

I am often given Biblical names for God's followers.
See if you are here?

Carol,      Mary, sweet faithful and true.
Bill,         Luke, precise and concise, a healer of many souls.
Gorges,   Moses, unsure at times but follow through.
Phillip,     Jacob, you wrestle with things in your mind.
Sandie,    Ruth, wither thou goest..you are faithful to others.
Victor,    Paul, strong conviction, no nonsense, your heart is true.
Child of God, I just get, you rejoice in the Lord, sometimes you waver.
Lon,       Peter, there is a stubborned streak, but you are a strong pebble.
Sr Ann Marie, Esther, ever faithful to God.
Geoff,    Timothy, the tender hearted.
Stan,      James, the strong doer.
Jan,       Martha, a backbone and servant to many.
Lloyd,    Job, Oh my brother, you have come through so much.

That's it,

Much love.......
"O house of Jacob, come ye,
And let us walk in the light of the LORD'"
Isaiah 2:5

                               Crystal and beautiful friend Nancy from TN.
                       Nancy is a retired R.N. a Martha and a blessing to many.


  1. Love Love Love this post
    And This Picture
    Thank You (as always)
    for making my days brighter.
    love & love,

  2. So sweet. You have a very stylish blog.

  3. Beautiful people there. I love your 2 previous posts too. The photos of your family are great. Blessings

  4. That's very sweet, my dear lady, but then what else could one expect from YOU? You are a precious blessing and I pray that God blesses you abundantly.

  5. You have a very stylish blog and I always appreciate what you have to say. You do have great insight.

  6. Congratulations on your award and thank you my sister in Christ for passing it on to me. I am humbled that you would think of me. My blog has been a blessing to me and I give all the glory to our Lord. God bless, Lloyd

  7. I must tell you I realy enjoy your blog. The award is well deserved the name you have been given for me may well be a lot more accurate than the one I had for myself, Gideon.
    Gideon gave the name Jahova Shalom to the place he was when the Lord spoke to him, The God of Peace.
    My name comes from the German Godfreid meaning Gods Peace. Love you lots, Geoff.

  8. Cool! I love the way you changed this award thingy around!
    Joy, I do have the Joy of the Lord in my heart...most often people prophesy over me John the Baptist and I get in my heart Anna the old lady who fasted day and night.

    God bless you sweet sister.

  9. Dear Crystal, pleased for you that the award was heartwarming for you.
    I received the offer of 3 or 4 early in my blogging days, but the obligation to answer up to 8 questions and think up new questions, and find people willing to accept them in order for me to display the award was just too time consuming, and moved me to indicate I was not accepting them.
    I always enjoy visiting here.
    Love and blessings,Jan

  10. Thanks Crystal Mary, I'm delighted you picked me out and encapsulated me so well! Not so much wrestling at the minute though as I am in Scotland visiting our first grandchild - Toby Peter, 1 week old today! So much to be thankful for, especially the miracle of new life in every sense.

  11. I am late in answering this - but I love the way you describe yourself -
    I am not very interesting really. NOT TRUE AT ALL!
    A bit mad!! LOVE IT.
    A mad hatter actually..LOVE IT.
    A butterfly~~> LOVE IT.
    And a bit like:
    Alice in Wonderland, a dreamer.Yes
    Pollyanna, have a vivid imagination.Yes
    Anne of green Gables, frequently annoy others.
    Yes to Anne of Green Gables No to annoying

    I am a lot like you! lol

    And I like Ruth.

    And you.



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