Thursday, January 27, 2011

Be Spontaneous

Surprise yourself!!

I just realised, I have lived my whole life like this.
No New Year Resolutions.
I just do it!
As long as I am not hurting someone else.

When returning to live in Australia with American hubby Ray,
we decided to travel around Oz.
So before settling in our home, we bought a caravan..
And off we went...

It was a different life.
Cruising the outback
Camping where it took our fancy.
Meeting wonderful people.
And eating when and how we liked.

                            Wherever the birds are, you will find Ray.
                             I'm sure they recognise him and pose..

                    "Hi Ray, forget the rest of them and make me your star."

                   Native birds,cockatoos here, travel alone or in huge flocks.

There is nothing as beautiful or serene than sunset with the light fading and the birds flying in.

                     Peace be still.....tranquility, early morn in a Caravan Park.

Look like gravestones?? Not so!
They are termite nests.
It's amazing how these insects know to build their nests with the narrow sides facing towards the sun. Limiting heat.
It took God to organise such an incredible fete.
Evolutionists have no explaination?????

You can't imagine how tall they are unless you stand beside them.
Ray (on right) is 5'10" so that gives you an idea.
It may also surprise you to know, these are formed from fecal matter.

With so much to see and do, it makes one ponder.
How can anyone dispute the validity of a creator God?

Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you."
Isaiah 60:1


  1. Wow, sounds like you both have a wonderful fun time together, and what you said here is really interesting! Also these photos are very beautiful!

    God's Blessings to you and yours,


  2. Beautiful photos in the Australian Outback, Crystal, and inspiring thoughts, lovely to meet your hubby Ray too.


  3. The NT, I believe. A magic place to visit. I love your header photo. And I see the name of my blog emblazoned on your post, thats a coincidence.

  4. Oh... I so enjoyed this post!!! Beautiful photos and lovely words! You are such a very special person, dear Crystal Mary! (So perfectly named too!!)

  5. Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing your home and your insight.

  6. Welcome home. Oh to be free like a bird, we spend so much time gathering and collecting stuff in our lives but the truth is we are only free when we have nothing to keep us bound. The ant hills in Zambia are even bigger than these would you believe. A fantastic post. Thanks.

  7. Crystal, this post is amazing... I love all the photos, every single one of them.

    Glad I came by your blog today. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are feeling better.


  8. WOW!!! I always enjoy visits to your site - and this time is certainly no exception. Thank you very much for the peek into your world . . Lovely -
    I'll have to get my camera out for you - it isn't nearly as colorful here, right now. Snow, cold - lots of sparrows (bless them, how do they manage the cold, i wonder . . )
    My terrific cyber-Friend.
    Love & Love,

  9. I love these photos! They are beautiful. It is my dream to one day visit Australia. I would love to sit down with an Aborigine and have them show me how to play a didgeridoo. That is one of my favorite instruments. I would love to hear an orchestra perform in the Sydney opera house. Or better yet, play in an orchestra in the Sydney opera house! You inspire me to keep those dreams alive! I'm so glad to have made a bloggy friend from Australia!

  10. Oh my goodness Crystal Mary - I have the same exact philosophy - I try to live now (if it doesn't hurt others or God). Do it before the dementia sets in. I am sure you are not surprised by this.

    Hey in the next couple of years there will be 7 billion people and not one of us - have the same fingerprint!

    Awesome or what?


  11. Thank you Crystal Mary for sharing such an inspirational and uplifting post. I just love the photographs. We all need to worry less and live for the day because we never know how many tomorrows we have left on the earth. Glory be to God that He will someday take us home. Lloyd

  12. The birds are so beautiful and the termite homes are HUGE! I had no idea!
    I love to just pick up and go. It is so exciting, the unknown. I spent 5 years driving a transport truck. That was so fun going to different places but after awhile I became very bored just sitting and driving! Not a fun activity for someone like me who is extremely active.

    I hope you are feeling better. Praying for you!

  13. These are such beautiful pictures Crystal. It sounds like so much fun traveling. I love the picture of the birds and sunset, thank you for sharing. Blessings.

  14. Hi Lon, Yes we did. Smile...

    Victor, Hug.

    Jan, You have experienced this also. So touching isn't it.x

    Dianne, Yes N.T. and my header is a Blue winged kookaburra that Ray found and snapped. x

    Ann, Thank you for your kind words.You are an ispiration also. x

    Jennifer, Blessings to you.

    Geoff, You will have to post photos of your anthills. So amazing. I have many sth African wonderful friends.

    Lidj, So sweet friend.x

    Geogie, I appreciate you being my frind on here also.And I love snow photos. x

    Diamond, If you come here and play I would hope to be able to listen. Music is magic. x

    Sandie, I believe we are two mad sisters...Can't make it back to the U.S. this time. Not well enough to travel. x

    Lloyd, Yes, we need to rejoice in the Lord with each breath.

    Child of God, I wish I had a name for you, I guess I will call you JOY as that is fitting. x

    Tonya, Thank you for joining my adventure..It is but a memory now, and a heppy one. x

  15. I don't know how people can deny the existence of God with so much beauty telling us there is a God. What an adventure to travel around Australia, sounds like fun. Hope to come see your country if God ever wills that for my life:)

  16. Thanks for coming by and visiting my blog. Your pictures are wonderful, so striking and so interesting. The cockatoos are so beautiful. I didn't know they were wild in Australia. What a great adventure you are having, and thanks so much for sharing.

  17. Dear Crystal Mary,

    I woke up this morning feeling at peace more than any days that passed... i don't know why but i am loving this feeling... i came here to share a blessing by saying 'Hi!^^' ...and what a beautiful photos and adventures... i like those images of clever birds...^^ thank you for sharing and have a nice day!!!:)

    P.S. belated Happy Australia Day to you!!^^

    God Bless!!!:)


  18. Thank you, Crystal Mary for sharing such an inspirational post with awesome pictures!!
    I enjoy reading your blog so much. I am happy to have found you in the Internet, Crystal.
    I see that you are a retired Professional Nurse in the Emergency Room. God works in mysterious ways, you know. My hubby is a Medical Chief Surgeon in the Emergency Room in a Public Hospital Overseas.I am a Christian American lady, but my hubby is from abroad. We make plans to go back to the States as soon as he retires from his Medical profession. God has given me the opportunity to get to know you, Crystal Mary in the Internet world. Your blog is superb, awesome and inspirational. Keep the good work. Welcome to my poetry blog at anytime!!I am so happy to have you aboard. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world!! My granddaughter's name is also Crystal.
    God bless you, and those you love, Crystal!!
    All the Best,

  19. Your pictures were beautiful and WOW...never knew termiltes built their nest above the ground like that.

  20. Dear Toyin, Just put away a certain amount of money each week, cook at home instead of eating out, and before you know it you will be here..LOL....xxxxx

    Hi Jean, Welcome!! Our parrot life is amazing and in places considered a pest as they eat everything.x

    Hiya Kelvin sweet soul. God Loves you. OO

    Hello Starry, Such a lovely inspiration!
    Thank you.
    With your Starry Glow and my Crystal shine we can try to brighten the world...LOL....
    Shine Jesus shine x

    Hello dear Mary, Gods world is awesome. Welcome.x

  21. Oh Starry... I wonder if you are married to our lovely Bruce? Think he is in W.A. now? If so, he is a champ. x

  22. Crystal Mary, So Heartwarming and inspiring both the words and the photo's...God is Amazing and His beauty is perfection in all things...God Bless Patricia


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