Tuesday, February 22, 2011


In case you haven't noticed,
I have began a Health Issues Blog.->->->->->->->->->->

After reading many other Blogs and realising how little people know to help themselves, I decided to ASSIST!

Once you are sick, health care costs in time, money and stress.

Preventative treatment will help alleviate much of this.

If a posting helps, print it out and keep it for future reference. 

My first two postings (so far)....there will be many more.

 Are simple and test effective. 
1.  Magnesium, it is invaluable!!                          
2. Water worth more than gold. 

On Right Side Bar....Great  "HELP WIDGETS":

A Course of Miracles:
Encouragement for daily living and a foundation for inner peace..... 
Wellness Tip of the Day.                                                              
For exercise, Healthy cooking and eating,
for Quit smoking.

and Weight Loss...

Stress Interpretation:
How stressed are you??
Subjects discussed: Do you work too much?
Suffer from insomnia?
Serious illness or Injury.
or Sex Difficulties???

Check out Skin Conditions.

A Brain Tester I.Q. Test.

*Widgets for Children*

Let the children help with cooking and learning about nutrition.
Healthy Foods Tips...
Teaching Children
Grades 4-5
Reading tip of the Day.
Daily Language and Art.

Crystal Mary's Tip: When children play sports and exercise they are stimulating the right and left hand sides of the brain. 
This help's with co-ordination as well as learning.
Help your child to help themselves.  


  1. Crystal Mary,
    Praise God for you! This is a great idea and I believe you have a well of information inside of you for sharing with those who need. I will be stopping by often.


  2. Oh Crystal Mary God bless you. You don't know how much I need this, but God did. Hugzz to you and blessings.

  3. Thanks..... I totally needed this!!! A great motivator...I am gettin geared up to lose weight & get in shape. Getting older this ol body doesn't bounce back it use to! A harsh reality I am having to come to realize, thank YOU! God Bless :o)

  4. All great tips! My favorite book is Dr. Dan Colbert's "Seven Pillars of Health". It's excellent.

  5. Hello Joy, I pray it helps all!xx

    Hi Tonya, We all need to learn..God Bless.

    Impact with prayer, Its my next Blog.x

    Lynda, I will have to look that book up!!! x

  6. Thanx for the new Blog Crystal.

    I like your "Weight Loss" picture; but I don't want to look like her !!!

    God bless.

  7. Thank-you for stopping by, leaving the sweet comment and fallowing. My fallow thingy is having some trouble. But don't worry I love your blog and will be stopping by to read your words of wisdom. I love the new blog idea. I think it is a much needed resource at this time. Women are so hard on themselves. They forget that God loves them, and that they should love themselves as well. Taking care of ourselves is a part of Gods love.

  8. Hi Crystal -

    Thank you for your caring heart. Your ministry of health is deeply appreciated.

  9. Health means fitness well being energy & strength in the broader sense a person in all aspects. It is also a level of functional or metabolic efficiency of an organism often completely human.http://www.safeurlives.com

  10. Holistic Health is the aspect. Body (physical), Soul(mental), Spirit (Faith). God Bless

  11. Just wanted to let you know that I commented to your comment over on my blog. I'm keeping the Kiwi's in prayer; I guess a lot of folks are.

  12. Okay girl, here I am - late - but here. That was a great idea to help us out - as we or at least I need help. I am taking the magnesium. I don't smoke or drink. I exercise daily. But oh my goodness I have a lot I don't do that I need to get motivated to do.


  13. Dearest Crystal Mary,
    Thank you for stopping by my old poetry corner, and expressing your wisdom and heartfelt comments there!! I've got a NEW BLOG, MY JOURNALS, in which I may soon begin to post again in prose, and some poetry as well. I left a big reply there for you under your recent comment, if you care to read it. Well, I am out of words reading your awesome blog. I think it is great what you are doing about giving health advice and tips to care about our dear health, mental and physical. You see, my hubby is 70 years old Medical Doctor and Chief Surgeon of the Emergency Room at a Public Hospital Overseas. I am a New York Certified Nurse's Assistant. I am an American Christian grandmother. My family lives in New York. I am Overseas at this point in time with hubby. I shall visit you often, sweet Crystal. I love your blog. You are a super Christian friend who cares for the world. You know, I feel the same as a humble servant for our dear Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord!! He led me the way to you, Crystal. Internet is awesome when it brings together a brotherhood of Christians worldwide. God is good, and good all the time in all circumstances. God bless you, Crystal, and those you love!! You are so sweet.
    My granddaughter's name is also Crystal Marie. She will be 14 this year...
    My daughter and my 3 grandchildren still live in New York where they were all born...
    Take care. I'll see you soon.I'll be back.
    In God's Garden,
    Starry Dawn.

  14. Hi Victor, LOL I hope not!!! LOL U R a crackup!

    Hello Jenny, sweet hugs new friend.

    Hi Lioneagle, Fly high and be blessed, x

    Good Onya Geoges..We are all praying for the Kiwi's.

    Hiya Sandie, sweet sis, I love you anyway. x

    Starry my dear one...How the Lord loves you..just lay in His arms and enjoy. xx

  15. Hi Crystal,

    Your tips are much needed in our society.

    Check out my new blog. I'm giving more free books!


  16. I acknowledge this sincere effort on your part to discuss some important health tips. This is such a good and informative blog to share with. Thanks!
    pediatric emr

  17. You are going to help a lot of people here. Good job on this! Keep posting tips and articles. We all need to learn on how to live! :)


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