Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pet Therapy - Animal Assisted Therapy

I am finally home from hospital after almost three weeks.
My last stage was in Rehabilitation.
Every day the hospital dog, a brown Labrador named Beau, came to visit.
What a joy to see and pet her.
Pet therapy does much to influence healing.
Without a word, they show unconditional love and acceptance.

"There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear."
1 John 4 :18


  1. Your home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How are you feeling?

    And do you have any more therapy or are you on your own?

    Praise God!

  2. so glad you are home dear friend.....take it one day at a time and don't rush your recovery! hope Ray can cook! xxxxx

  3. Good for you! and praise the Lord. I have always said that God put dogs here on earth as His angels, to minister to the needs of humanity. WOOF!

  4. Hi pleased you're home now! You'll have to discipline yourself now to do all those painful exercises, I am sure you'll be good and do them well. Just as well you have those two georgeous little dog friends at home for some daily pet therapy there too!

  5. Hi Crystal Mary,
    Animal therapy is amazing, so good for the heart and soul.

    Glad you are home. Rest, recover and keep your eyes on Jesus.

    Blessings and praying,

  6. I am praying you are fully recovered soon Crystal.

    God bless.

  7. Hi Crystal, how are you feeling?
    We all are always here to support you.

  8. Hi Crystal,
    Praise the Lord, you are back home!!
    How do you feel now, sweetheart??
    Do you feel better??
    Please, let us know the updates on your health,
    sweet Crystal!!
    Do you have anyone who takes care of you??
    Today's post is an amazing post about
    the Healing Power of Animals.
    Thank you for posting and sharing your love
    with the world, Crystal Mary!!
    God bless you, and those you love!!
    In God's Garden,
    Poet Starry Dawn.

  9. Yes, animals are therapeutic, that's for sure. My daughter works at our local library, and she told me they have a "reading dog" come in once a week. He is for children to read to. While they might be uncomfortable reading aloud to their parents or teacher, they can read to the dog...thereby growing their skills in an environment where they're not made fun of.

    Hope you're feeling completely well.


  10. I'm so glad that you're home. Praying that the pain will ease soon!

  11. It's so good to read you are back home, Crystal Mary! I wish you a speedy recovery and that you are back on both feet very soon. You are in my prayers ♥

  12. Hi Crystal Mary -

    Glad you are back home and encouraged.

    The love of our Lord is so generous and gracious.

  13. That video put a lump in my throat. I hope you're happy missy! :)

  14. I love animals so much and would love for someone to bring Pet therapy to me. How nice you had that opportunity. I pray you are recovering rapidly.


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