Thursday, August 18, 2011

Be Glad, not Sad

Well I am playing the Glad game..
I didn't invent it, Pollyanna did, but I love to be reminded just how much there is to be thankful for.

While in hospital recently I lay in bed and thanked God, people were looking after me.
Think of all the poor wounded soldiers, who have lain in wet cold mud.

I thanked God for the hospital food that I didn't have to cook serve or clean up after.
Think of the starving millions.

I thanked God for the injections and medications to make me better.
Think of those in third world countries with none.

I thanked God for the Australian medical system that looks after everyone without them worrying sick about how to pay back. And I thanked God, I was also given two weeks of physical therapy, no charge to me.
Think all all the countries who don't have this.

I thanked God my hospital room opening onto a long veranda where I could walk out onto to watch for Ray.
Thanked God for the sweet fresh air and views to the mountains..
Thank God, being sick could be positive, instead of negative. 

Then Thank God, I was able to return back home...

Ahhh  there is so much to be thankful for that my heart sings that wonderful hymn.
"Give thanks with a greatful heart, give thanks to the Holy One, give thanks because He's given, Jesus Christ, His son."

Thank God for my colourful home.
There is no place in the world, like your own.

"Oh no." said the lorakeets, "She's back." lol


  1. I love the lorakeet!

    And I am glad for you.

    Hey you had the same space age plastic over your knee that I had on mine. Mine looks a lot better now!


  2. Hi Sandie, Its not my knee LOL...couldn't show that, mine is worse.. xxx

    Gorges, Thanks so much.

  3. I think that pretty lorakeet is happy to see you back. Your knee is worse? Yikes. Please get well soon; you have such a thankful heart, it will help you heal.

  4. Hi Crystal,

    Pleased you are back home, you are being very positive, which I think always aids healing. May God continue to be with you and give you and me a thankful heart. - Hugs - Nita

  5. We all have a lot to be thankful for and sometimes we forget, thanks for reminding me this morning Crystal!
    ps. I adore your Queenslander!!!
    How are you feeling my friend?
    love and smooches xxxxx

  6. Welcome home, Crystal. I love this post. As bad off as we sometimes are, there is always someone with bigger problems. Praise God. Please get back to "normal" very soon.

  7. It is so true CM. There is always much to be thankful for. Your cut looks so big and bad but in time it will heal. I pray that your gash will heal quickly and nicely. Praising God for your safe return home.

  8. Mary...the other day while taking my daily walk, I was thanking God for all the beauty in His creation. I also thanked Him for the sense of eyesight with which to see it...a few steps later I realized I had NEVER thanked Him for being able to see in color.

    I'm praying for your full recovery so you can be about His business.

  9. I love Pollyanna and her Glad Game...thanks for reminding me of it! Hope you continue to heal!

  10. I am so glad you are able to feel good enough to blog, too! It is a beautiful, beautiful area where you live.

  11. Oh, sweet Crystal!!
    I am so happy to see you back home.
    I have been praying for you, for your complete healings and prompt recovery.
    Yes!! You are right. Australia is so blessed to have so many blessings for its people that not too many countries have, such as free medical health care services. In third world countries people die without health care, just because they don't have money to pay...
    Many countries don't care for its own people.
    Thank you, sweet Crystal for posting back again!! You have a beautiful home, dear.
    God is with you at all times!!
    Have you seen my email letter, Crystal??
    I wonder. Blessings and Much Love Always,
    Poet Starry Dawn.

  12. Hope recovery is going well. Dropping by for a visit and playing catch up with all of your posts.


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