Monday, October 10, 2011

In Times of Trouble

                            Fear,  Anxiety,  Worry

There is always something that can cause worry and take our eyes off our faith and trust in God. Yesterday in church our Pastor spoke on the parable of the sower                                                                                                    

Then He (Jesus)spoke many things to them in parables, saying:                                     

“Behold, a sower went out to sow.                                                                             

And as he sowed, some seed fell by the wayside;                                                      

and the birds came and devoured them."

Matthew 13:3-4

Our Pastor said something I had never thought of before. He called the birds, satan. He told us that satan comes along in different ways, and takes away the good God gives us. The wayside Gods seeds fall on, is the hardness of our hearts.

Do we put other things, work, sport, entertainment before God? 

I don't want to be one of those people!

I want to have God seed planted deeply within my heart.

I want it to grow and thrive so that I can give out to others.

"My love is for God, who knows me                                                                         

and hears my voice when I cry out.

When the grip of fears and anxieties                                                                         

take hold of me, when I come to grief and sorrow                                                         

I call on God and find relief." Psalms 116

I don't want to allow satan to gain control. 

I want to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus, the lover of my soul.

From the small to the large, God loves us.
Green tree frog Robert da Bruce with my daughters dog Samson.

So... smile, safe in the knowledge of where you belong...and let God's seed grow.
Our Monty smiling. 

I am so please to tell you, it has been five days since I have had to take pain relief.                                                         Many have prayed for me and I have also prayed, God Is Good!! 


  1. I am so glad you are feeling better. Hoe do you get your cute dog to smile like that for you?

  2. Hi Ginny, Monty smiles when he is happy, and also tries to talk when he's excited. He is so funny. x

  3. Good post. Funny picture. A VERY great GOD!

  4. Oh my Goodness, so happy I found your blog. It is so amazing . I love this post and will visit often. Thank you for the nice comments on mine.. Hope you have a nice day..Susie

  5. I read your husband's blog and it is so heartfelt. I will let my husband read it later. He is a Vietnam Veteran also.. I will read more of it later on ..God Bless

  6. What a great pic of the poor pooch!---and what super philosophy.

  7. Hi sweet Mary! It was so good to read you have been free of pain medication for a few days. Yes, we sure do need to just focus on God and put God first. That smiling Monty made my Monday much merrier! How precious! Hope this week is a good one for you!


  8. I thank God for you Crystal Mary, and I thank you for sharing this post.

    There is something I must let you know though, when you shared that miracle that took place with that Muslim man, this opened my eyes so greatly that this brought me back to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, along with your prayers and so many others who have prayed for me. I truly thank God that you posted that post!!!

    God bless!!!

  9. "I call on God and find relief." So thankful all it requires is our call. God is always ready to help.

  10. Great thoughts! and so true!!... Love the bath picture...priceless~

  11. Thanks for this great blog. It's so true. I am glad your're feeling better now.

  12. I am so glad you are pain free. And I think your dog in the first pic said to hang on! sandie

  13. What a great pic, love your blog :)
    Greetings from London!

  14. Loved your dog pictures! And am so glad that you are finally getting some relief from your pain.

  15. Dearest Lon, God has been with you for all your journey. He says,"I will never leave thee nor forsake thee." From a child, when you gave your life to him as a child. Now you have the greatest testimony yourself to defeat satan. Blessings C.M.

    God bless all my friends and your comments. How sweet is, my amazing grace through your love.

  16. Crystal Mary, thanks so much for sharing this, Satan loves for us to stumble, but praise God he will never forsake us. I can truly look behind me and see one set of footprints, I know He's carried me many times. I pray I never waste His love, but keep it in my heart where I will have it to share with others. Blessings!

  17. Hi Crystal Mary, I like the Pastor's perspective on Matthew 13:3-4. Pleased to hear you're now off pain relief medication. By God's grace, may your health continue to improve and go from strength to strength. ~ Kerrie

  18. So true, thanks for sharing. I am always praying for you Crystal.

  19. This is my first visit to your blog and I truly enjoyed it. I will sign up as a follower. Great lesson from the Word and I LOVE the pics, especially the sweet little smiling dog!

  20. Amen Crystal...we must passionately and purposely pursue God. May Ie love Christ with all our heart, mind, soul and strength. May He have first place.

  21. Thank you for this post and for your lovely blog and photos. I am blessed by your blog and will follow it, and I invite you to follow mine, Saved by Grace. I recently wrote a post, "Are You Too BUSY?" about one of Satan's favorite strategies, which is to keep us so busy with distractions that we have no time for God.
    Laurie Collett, Saved by Grace


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