Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Flying the Coop

When your children fly the coop you're left with the empty nest, bewildered and wondering? Was that only a dream? Yes, they grow up and leave too quickly. Suddenly gone are the dashes to soccer and athletics training with games and competitions to attend on weekends.
Racing a child to school in the car because they missed the bus. Hoping it doesn't breakdown because you are still dressed in your nightie. You'll die with embarrassment if anyone sees you and realises. Then a policeman gets you for speeding and you are asked to produce your licence. Fumbling apologetically you tell him it's at home in your purse, while your child looks on intently noting every word for "Show and tell" in class.

Yes, I was a busy mum. I kept a huge house clean and cared for four children while also working in a family business.
Life was hectic yet so rewarding.
Then suddenly one day, they began to leave.
The hardest was the first one, and I cried on and off for six months. Of course she visited, but that's never the same.
Then joy of joys, suddenly I was a grandmother. I had to contain myself not to take over, reminding myself I wasn't the mother. The precious bundle was mine only to cherish for a short while and then I had to give her back.

Now what has caused me to reminisce today? I know, I can hear new life chirping in the trees around our house.
Parent birds are busy gathering food, sheltering from the weather and meeting the demands of their young. Tender wings will slowly strengthen as the parents protectively watch the first feeble attempts to fly. All to soon the fledgling will be ready for flight. Then without a backward glance and uncaring of their watchful nurturer, gleefully they will soar.....and begin their own saga.

 "The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it."
Psalm 24:1 

The birds are the Jabiru.
Photo taken outback by Ray.
To learn more about them click below.


  1. Psalm 24:1 It's all belongs to God. Great post and I know just where you are with reminescing :)

  2. Are these storks?? Are they near your house, did you take the picture? I'm impressed! We are birdwatchers and I have never seen one. Well, the picture does fit in so well with what you are talking about. Too bad that when we are young, we don't realize how quickly it will be gone and savor the moments. But I think at the time we are too exhausted!

  3. Hi Crystal Mary,
    I am just starting this stage in life, with my daughter in university and my son with only 2 years left of home schooling. I had no idea that this separation would hurt so much. It is unbearable at times. My kids have become a huge part of me that without them around I have a hard time defining me anymore. I use to know who I was but now, well let' say I am waiting for God to put me together again.

    Thanks for sharing, it is so nice knowing that I am not the only one that feels like this.


  4. Life goes on. We leave our parents and then they leave us. Our kids leave us, and then we leave them. I believe it was some of the Native Americans that said all of life is a circle.

  5. Yes, is does hurt as life changes. I beleive being a mum was my happiest time. Now when I get my grandchildren, I can only take so much as I get tired.
    Ginny Ray took this photo outback. They are the Jabiru a large stork.
    I got this info off the net to share with you and others.
    The Jabiru or Black- necked Stork is Australia’s largest wading bird and our only stork. It stands 1.3m -1.5 m in height and its wingspan is a massive 2.3m from tip to tip. The head colour is an amazing glossy, shimmery, black with blue, green and purple. They have very long bright red legs and a straight black bill which is used to scoop and probe in the water for their food. Food consists of small invertebrates found in swamps and wetlands. Frogs, tadpoles, fish, eels and wetland plants are therefore its main food source.

  6. I spent a lot of tears on this subject and hours in prayers. Then one came back home and I am in tears and prayer too. Love, sandie

  7. Wonderful thoughts about the process of life. We have 3 wonderful daughters, two of which are grandmothers already. Hmmmm...writing that I had to look back because it just doesn't seem possible. But it is. We are fortunate to live near those two who have grands of their own - and have a wonderful daughter who is a pastor's wife in up=state NY. They have three daughters and one son-in-law - but no grands yet. ☺ When our baby got married, we then left for Africa where I served the church for 20 years! We found that life gets better after you pass 50! ☺

  8. Hi Crystal Mary! This is a universal theme we've all experienced if we were blessed enough to be a parent. After my daughter left I slept in her bed so it wouldn't be empty. Thank you and hope you are doing well these days. ♥

  9. I have four beautiful children that have left home except the youngest. I also have beautiful grandchildren as well. As I grew older and hopefully wiser, i sometimes thought of how my mum felt when we all left home and made our way in the world. Now it is all happening to me and I can honestly say that I don't like it very much, but it is consoling to know that I am not the only mum that feels like this. i feel like I am greiving and it is very hard to explain, I feel as though I am not needed anymore our home is so quiet and empty this constant din that once resounded in its wall are no longer.The laughter the tears the bickering and debates where only mum intervention could resolve. Oh yes I will survive i will move on but what a horrible path to take.


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