Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Australian Day 26th Jan~ Song "I AM AUSTRALIAN"

On the 26th January we celebrate Australia Day down under.
We are a Continent, a Country and an Island.
And we are made up of many different nationalities.
Men and women who may not have wanted to leave their homeland,
but did, so that they could have a better life.
I am a third generation Australian on my maternal side.
I come from Welsh, then French stock.
On my paternal side I am a second generation Australian..
My father was English and his parents Scottish.
So I suppose I am a fruit cake.

I never realised what my country meant to me, until I went to live in America for three years.
Yes, we visited back here a couple of times, but I was homesick.
I think after my family, what I missed the most was the smell of eucalyptus, and those wonderful gum trees.
I missed the kookaburra laughing, and our beaches.... we have 11,000.
Captain Cook claimed Australia for England in 1770, although other explorers had visited before him.
If you listen to the song, you will hear that, we are one (all Ozzies) but we are many(a mixture of other lands). What makes a country and what makes a world? The people.
Lets live together in harmony and bless each other.


  1. Like your last sentence amen to that.

    Happy Australia Day.

  2. Happy Australia Day!!! I cannot WAIT to visit this country/island/continent some day! It's on my "bucket list". (And thank you for your recent comment on my blog! I'm glad you stopped by!)

  3. Beautiful write, Crystal Mary. Spot on! Happy elebrations ...
    Have a great eve ~
    TTFN ~

  4. It seems that we often don't appreciate what we have or know how important it is to us until we no longer have it. You've captured those thoughts beautifully.

    1. So true!! So we all need to thank God continually for our blessing.

  5. Happy Australia Day and I can just visualize it in my mind.. would love to visi someday..Blessings, Susie

    1. We'll throw some prawns on the barbie (BBQ) when you come.

  6. Happy Australia Day! I love how your post is on the 25th, and our comments are on the 24th. There is a song from Hillsong that I love, called the Great Southland. It makes me really love Australia, even though I've never been there.

    1. Hello Shelley, Yes we are about fourteen hours ahead of the East side of the U.S. I love that song on the Great South Land also. My daughters photography is all over Hillsong church, its a great place to be.

  7. Happy Australia Day to you and all my Aussie Blogger and Facebook mates!

    1. Thank you G, and we all appreciate your friendship to us.

  8. Happy Australia Day!!

    Blessings sister!

  9. Hey Mate! Happy Australia Day to you! Sandie

  10. Hey Mate and fellow Chooky,Thanks heaps. xxx

  11. Loved your poem and that most excellent closing fruit-cake line. I'm a mutt in California, first generation born here of second generations born of Norwegians, Dutch, French, Germans, and possibly native Americans. It's lovely to celebrate being one of many. Don't know how you came across my blog but enjoyed my visit with you. Cheers!

  12. Happy Australia Day Crystal.
    Hope you enjoy the celebrations.


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