Monday, January 23, 2012

Life Changes

Ray and I have have recently been to New South Wales to visit my mother.
She is almost ninety four years old. 
Her body is frail but her mind is alert.
We took her, together with my nephew, to a restaurant for lunch.
Living in a Nursing Home and having companionship, she no longer desires to travel around as she once did. 
Yet she requested this day out. And she enjoyed it very much.

 Its strange but I never think of mum as old.
To me she is still the younger woman who could do anything, and did.

 I found this black and while photo of her aged in her late forties with her pet Joey (baby kangaroo).
I don't know how she got him, but she loved and treated him like a beloved child.
He went everywhere with her in the car.
Finally he grew large enough to hop over the fence and finally, he was killed on the road.
It devastated her. 

Over the years mum had many pets, but he was one of a kind.

I wonder how my children will reminisce about me as time goes by?
They'll probably remember some of the funny or silly things I do.
I wonder if they will see me as old,.... or how I once was?
Life changes for all of us.
  Me holding my son Peter, my nephew Bradley, my daughter Femia, and niece Cindy.
About 1970.



  1. Hi Crystal Mary,
    Thanks for sharing about your mum, she looks great!
    Funny how we think of our parents. I am glad you have such young, vibrant memories of your mum. I am sure your kids will too.


  2. Very touching piece. Your mom is a treasure and a blessing.

  3. I could tell that was you in the picture. Your mother is lovely. What a blessing you still have her.

  4. Melt my heart sweet share, Crystal Mary. Mum looks wonderful. Love the photos. I just found a pics of hubby with a roo when he was down under. Moments to cherish.
    Have a lovely week.
    TTFN ~

  5. Good to see a pictures of your mum and you. Reminiscing about our aging parents is sometimes difficult.

    I came home with a determination to write all the positive and funny things about them that I could. My 90 y/o Dad is beginning a little dementia. Most people do not notice. His personality is changing. Less patient. A litte more irritable. It made me sad.

    So decided it was time to write about all the funny and fun times with him lest i forget as he declines.

    How far is New South Wales from you? Short or long trip? My parents are 1100 miles away

    So glad you were able to spend time with your mum.

    1. Hello Janet. Yes I agree, we need to remember the good times. Mum is 750miles away from us. Our highways are not straight through like the interstates in the U.S. There are many towns to slow down in speed as you pass through... so the trip takes longer.I was glad to go, and to see her. But its always good to get back home.

  6. I think we all remember our parents as younger, but sometimes are surprised when we realize that they aren't going to live forever. That's why those who have good ones should enjoy them while they're here. They'll be gone before you know it and then who knows how many years before you see them again in the next life.

    1. So true G, I don't believe we realise how much we will miss someone, until we no longer have them.

  7. A beautiful post dear Crystal! Your Mum still looks wonderful. I loved the old pic of you and the children. It's always comforting to wrap our lovely memories around us,
    God Bless,
    June xx

    1. Hi June, My mum is getting so little, its hard to see.. Yes its amazing to see a photo of us when we were young. So long ago. xxx

  8. It so lovely to look back at photos. How wonderful you could enjoy a special meal with her.

    1. Mum wanted to eat out, but can't eat much. We got a 'to go box' for her and she wanted desert but knew it was beyond her. So I got a lovely creme with caramel and cream and gave her some of that all cut up. She enjoyed it so much. They do for us when we are small and then the roles reverse.xx

  9. She had a kangaroo as a pet - now that is one cool mom. sandie

    1. Yes she was cool. If we hadn't lived in the country she wouldn't have been able to, as its not permitted.

  10. YES---life certainly brings changes. My hubby (who is almost 70) still had his parents until Mom died in June at the age of 91. Dad is still live and will be 100 in August. Dad and Mom were married for 71 yrs. They were VERY close their entire lives. You never saw one of them without the other... After Mom died, Dad (who lives with his daughter) has been miserably lonely. I feel so sorry for him. I truly didn't think he would live this long after Mom's death.

    My Dad died at the age of 79--but my mother lived until she was 91 (she died in 1991). YES---life changes us all....

    Love the picture of your Mom... She looks great.

    1. Bless you Betsy, one day it might be us getting looked after. That was so beautiful about your in-laws and married 71yrs, yet still so close... now thats a marriage.

  11. Thanks for sharing about your mother. My 87 year old father in law lives with us and we have had to learn so much about loving and caring for an aging parent. God is teaching us everyday how to switch roles and continue to love and honor.

  12. There are always changes physically and spiritually as we mature. I am happy that your mother is alert and can enjoy an occasional day out for lunch.

  13. I agree, and I am glad she is not lonely. She enjoys us to give her an occasional outing.

  14. Hello Crystal Mary.
    Your post opens a window for us into your life and now you've put a mirror there so we too can see what is behind. My friend came to visit me on Saturday and while he was there my son arrived. Seeing us together he decided to go see his mother, who has had a stroke, and take her out to lunch. We had a braai together that evening and he was telling me just how glad he was that he went.
    My two children have started looking after me, in their own way, it's very humbling. Life does indeed change and the shoe eventually lands up on the foot of the younger generation.
    Honouring you mother and father is one of the ten commandments, You do it well.
    Bless you Crystal Mary, Geoff.

    1. Thank you Geoff, what a wonderful thing to say.

  15. I love stories of old people who appear to have peace in their lives. I pray to be one of them some day. Thanks for sharing it.

    Aren't old pictures great! :)

    1. My mother has survived so much. She reared five children alone from 35yrs of age.

  16. Your Mom looks beautiful. I wish my Mom was still here. I was just thinking the other day that I still see so many people the way I saw them in my younger days. My Mom always seemed young to me. She told me a few days before she died that she was supposed to take care of us. She you are not supposed to be taking care of me. I said it's our turn to take care of you now. She told me we would always be her little babies. I understand that. My children are my babies....Cherish your Mom, life is not the same without my Mom. I miss her with all my heart.

    1. Hello Carmen thank you for this. Yes I realise we must give the love back unconditionally the way she gave.

  17. You are both blessed to have had each other for so long. Your Mum looks like a lovely girl. :) xxxx

  18. Hi Crystal,
    I just love to read when you talk about your dear mom.
    She looks fantastic for her age. God bless her heart!!
    The picture of your mom with a kangaroo is beautiful.
    It hurts me to know that it got killed on the road.
    Your mom must have been devastated, since she treated
    her baby like her own children. When one loves an animal,
    we love them as our own children.
    God bless your dear mother, Crystal!!
    Thank you for sharing this post with the world!!
    God may bless you all!
    Poet Starry Dawn.

  19. Oh, Crystal sweetheart!!
    I just love to see the picture of you with your children. You have been a very beautiful lady.
    Thank you for sharing, honey!!
    God bless you, Crystal, and those you love!!


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