Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hillsong Photographer.

My daughter Femia used to be a Hillsong photographer in New South Wales..
Then she moved home to Queensland..
I had no idea just how many Album credits she was responsible for until two days ago,
So here I am to share her talents...
We should all be acknowledged when we use our gifts to the Glory of God.
Femia is the Proverbs 31 woman..
She cares well for her family.
She helps the needy.
Gives counsel to the downtrodden.
And I am proud to say, she is my daughter.

This is Femia ready for work.

And here is just a touch of some of her Hillsong photos.
She will probably tell me the pixels don't look good on these because I copied them.

This is her Ministry for the Lord.


  1. Amazing! I have those Cd's, so I acutally have her work in my house! Wow- she does have incredible talent, and to use it for the Lord like that is wonderful. You've raised a terrific daughter there-

  2. Beautiful - On All Counts . . .
    love & love,

  3. You ain't proud or nothin' are you Mama? (I would be!) :-)

  4. Wow, she is talented. And pretty. You have every right to be proud. Mama raised her right.

  5. What a joy and blessing that you have a beautiful Spirit-filled daughter in your family.

  6. Mis felicitaciones para su hija.
    estaré de viaje por cuestiones de trabajo,
    que tenas un feliz fin de semana.
    un abrazo.

  7. She is really talented...I see some of these photos on TV or somewhere...You should be proud of her

    1. I am and she never talks of it, so I had too.

  8. her shots are wonderful......I feel your pride jumping off the page and you should be.

    1. Thank you Sarah, I shout her because she says nothing.

  9. How proud you must be! Great job for raising a Christ filled family. There is no greater joy for a Christian mom to see her children walk with the Lord and work for Him.

    Beautiful work!

  10. These are good, It is nice to know who shot these, I have everysingle one of these cds. I love Hillsongs music!!

  11. She has a beautiful gift and uses it wisely. God has blessed her.

  12. I know you are proud and should be...her work is amazing...."reckon I could hang out with her?"...wink wink

    1. She is a humble girl and would feel honoured.

  13. Wow what talent and she is a very beautiful young lady..Blessings, Susie

    1. She is beautiful inside and out... very gentle quiet and humble.

  14. …………(‘ ” ” () ♥
    ……….(“( ‘o’ , ). ♥
    ……….(“)(“)(,,). ♥
    ........`•. ¸.•´.
    Lovely Kisses

  15. Hi Crystal,
    I am sure you must be so proud with your dear daughter, Femia.
    She is very beautiful, just like her mom...
    You told me that she is a famous photographer. That is great!!
    God has given so many blessings to your dear family, to you,
    your children and grandchildren. Praise the Lord!!
    God bless you, Crystal, and those you love!!
    Give my kind regards to your daughter, Femia from Poet Starry.

    1. I wouldn't say famous, But maybe she is?? She is a lovely humble girl and a great daughter, sister and mum. xx


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