Monday, January 30, 2012

Take a Gander in the Loo

Take a gander (look) what some lucky blighter found in the Loo..

I think this is one time I would agree with Gorges. Shoot first and ask questions later.

How would you like to get your bottom bitten by this bloke?
I have a habit of getting up at night and wandering half asleep to the Loo.
I never switch the lights on..... 

I reckon I need to stop dreaming.

 In Tennessee Ray once found a squirrel in the bowl.
He was sitting there, reading a magazine and he could hear scratching.
It wasn't until he flushed, that he saw the squirrel.
I took photos but I don't know where they are now?
It looked like a drowned rat.
                                    Doning gloves, Ray picked it out and placed it onto a tree trunk.
                                     It clung on stunned for yonks(ages)... Blimey(Yikes) not fair one bit..
                                                           And that's Fairdinkum mate (true).


  1. My Goodness! These gave me the heeby jeebies just looking at the pictures!
    You can keep them dear! Love xx

    1. I hate snakes, but they are a reality. I believe I have to be more careful.

  2. Don't know what you said in that last sentence - lol. But those pictures - scare the Hebe Jebes out of me. That would be a nightmare. Sandie

    1. I tell Ray all the time to keep the grass short so they can't hide.

  3. YIKES! If I saw that in the loo it would send my heart straight to my throat .
    The weirdest things we ever had in our house was a weasel that my hubby found swimming around in the bath tub. We figure the cats brought this critter in and turned it loose. ;P

    A squirrel in the loo would be pretty funny though.


    1. I have never seen a weasel, for me that would be a treat.

  4. That reminds me of when I was a kid and we had an outhouse for the bathroom. We would wash the inside down often with Lysol and it always smelled "clean", but I was always wary there was something in the hole. When it was too dark to see down there, I would take a flashlight and check it out before I used it. I am so thankful for running water!

    If I ever saw a snake come up through the plumbing (toilet), I would probably start using a chamber pot!!! An elderly friend of mine was telling me of a housing experience she and her husband had when they were first married. (I think they were living in Alabama at the time.) She turned on the faucet and a snake came out!

    I hope that wasn't your loo and that they found out how to get the snakes out of the water supply!

    1. That would be scary also. I haven't had a snake in my toot. But I have had one come into the kitchen and get into the cupboard.

  5. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to use the potty for the rest of the day....or EVER again!!! I would absolutely die if I saw something like that. Oh, dear!!!

    1. I am scared one will try and get my dog. A three year old boy almost got taken about a month ago. The snake was wrapped around him and squeezing.

  6. And I thought frogs were scary. It pays to look in the loo first. PS My sympathies are with the squirrel Ray Val Pym

  7. Are you kidding me? WOW - those were scary pictures!

    1. No kidding, I almost ran over the biggest snake on the road one night.
      Thank God I stopped in time. The can come up into the car through the engine..

  8. Wooowww, Uhhh!! How scary, how frightening, sweetheart Crystal!!...
    No further comments about these things, I get so scared of snakes,
    bats, spiders, rats, roaches, insects and reptiles in general.
    I am sure I might have a heart attack seeing these things getting
    closer to me. In our corner of the world, the Amazon Rainforest Area,
    there are lots of bats flying at night and getting into people's
    houses and apartments. We have seen many of them inside our place.
    I won't tell you what I did to them...
    A few days ago, a bat was crawling in the balcony. I went inside
    the kitchen to fetch for a pesticide, but the bat had already gone
    when I return to confront it...
    See you later, Crystal...

    1. I meant,... when I returned, it was gone...
      Crystal, have you ever seen a snake in your commode??
      I might drop dead, I guess.
      I am a city lady. I am not used to seeing these things
      in the toilet.
      How scary it must have been for one!!...
      Nice pics anyway!

  9. Is this really real or did someone(s) put their pet in the commode?
    Thanks for stopping by...wondered how you found me~ Love to connect with others around the globe! Have you been to my other blog,
    That one delves more into my life apart from home education...
    Thanks again.
    Blessings on you and your daughter is an outstanding artist.


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