Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Experiencing Gods Love and Protection.

Last weekend was a stressful time.
Yet it began with the Lord taking charge.
I am so very glad I listened and obeyed His prompt.

Sitting in the lounge room on Saturday morning..
I suddenly broke out praying aloud in the spirit.
A couple of hours after that, disaster hit.

I was stunned and shocked and couldn't believe what was happening.
I won't go into what it was, but it made me feel I had been stabbed in the heart.
By Sunday evening, it was no better, yet I had a peace.
I began praying again loudly in tongues.

Then I was urged to go into Facebook.

A pop-up came across the screen which read.
I have never ever see this before? (have any of you?)

Opening the message.
I read something to the effect....
"What you are going through, won't last.  It will get better again."

On Monday morning... the problem dissolved.
Not only was it resolved, a stronger bond was formed between myself and Ray.

The miracle here was that God was with us.
He prepared me beforehand.
He was with me in the midst of it.
He sent me a message of encouragement.
And a good friend gave written words of comfort. Thanks G.

My God.. 
              Is the God of Love, 
                                           He is the God of Comfort and 
                                                                                        He is the God of  Protection...... 

Praise You Jesus!!

  Ray and granddaughter Shiarny, she excels in his love. As we excel in Gods love for us.


  1. This is a touching story of God's loving care care :-)

  2. What a lovely name for a lovely granddaughter.

  3. "In all these things we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us" Romans 8:37

  4. Crystal Mary, I'm at a loss for words...Our God is so loving...

  5. Indeed - a wonderful promise from God's word.

  6. Cool!! Our God is just so cool!! Thanks for sharing that, it really builds the faith.


  7. Glad everything worked out for you all. God bless you.

    1. really he is caretaker of my life,nothing is impossible for him praise god alleuia thankyou god for being with you are my motivation and support ..

  8. Our Lord never gives us more than He knows we can cope with. He is always by our side.
    Hope all is well now,
    Love and hugs,

    1. Thank you Ann, it helps you never to take life for granted.

  9. When we trust in His timing and His plans and purposes, it always has a good outcome. Glad to hear your testimony~

    1. Yes it can be hard to trust what you can't see...BUT He is still there.

  10. Praise God for His infinite love! He protects, delivers and encourages us, and we can trust in His faithfulness!
    Thanks for the beautiful post, and for commenting on and following Saved by Grace!
    Love in Him,

  11. Phenomenal! I love our God :) May God's peace rest upon you, may his joy fill your spirit and may his favour shine upon you.

    x Nicole

  12. Fantastic testimonies of our God at work in your lives. I'm a believer like you, filled with the Holy Ghost at the age of 8 years (with the initial evidence of speaking in tongues) according to Acts 2:4. He is still the same today as He was back then. No - I did not see that message scroll across Facebook - but have received encouragement from many friends there who are fellow believers with us. Some Spirit-filled and some who don't believe in it the way we do. I'm so glad you shared your testimony today.

  13. Oh, I just love the picture of your husband, Ray
    with your granddaughter, Shiarn. How sweet with a kiss!!...
    Did you take that photo, Crystal?? I wonder...
    Words of wisdom are coming from this post also.
    God may bless you all, Crystal!!

  14. Crystal Mary, Hi.
    Both the things you've written about have happened to me, not at the same time nor in the same way, but happen they did. One was a message I got on my windscreen accompanied with an apple, the other was when a restraunt was being robbed at gunpoint here in Melkbos.
    I'll write a post about them, thanks for this post, it has awakened in me memories that need to be written about.
    Bless you my Southern friend, Geoff.

  15. Hello Crystal Mary,
    Praise be to God for His message of encouragement.


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