Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Christian

What makes a Christian?
The other day I was startled to see someone state, that belonging to their particular religion, made them the perfect Christian..
Needless to say there were many comments.
And you can imagine, I also had mine.

At times like this I try not to get angry..
As what would that say about me?

However, I do point out something I discovered many years ago..
That the very first Christian church was called the Sect of the Nazarene..
 Acts 24:5, 24:14 and 28:22.

Amazingly, Peter was not called the leader of this sect, or church, but Paul was.
They had no church building as such but met in homes.
Was this a fore taste of how the church should be?
To me, this spells humble.
Yet, they all stood firm on the salvation of Jesus Christ.

Speaking for myself, I rarely answer to a particular denomination, although I do worship in one.
I prefer to be, a part of the Body of Christ.
To me this encompasses, many Christian denomination believing in Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

On the cross...Jesus put to death the hostility between Jew and Gentile...
Ephesians 2:15-16
Surely He would want us to love each other..
After all, He loved us enough to die for us..
Shouldn't we then, love one another??

   Daughter Daniella with my grandson Izaiah.   Love conquers all.


  1. You know what really saddens me? Knowing there will be many Christians that will be turned away from heaven because it isn't about works and religion but relationship. Jesus wants an active relationship with Him, not people who evangelize, heal, preach, teach and so on. He wants us to do these things too, but He wants to be first in our lives and He wants us to know Him.

    Love is where it's at. Loving the Father first and foremost and then spreading it from there.

    Blessings sister,

    1. I agree. A relationship with our creator.. And a humble heart full of gratitude for all He has done for you. To forgive, love and live in harmony.

  2. Hello Crystal Mary.
    If you take a really good look at Mary the sister of Martha you will see a true Christian. While Martha was fussing over all sorts of things, all Mary was doing was being in love with Jesus.
    Take a look and you will see.
    Bless you and your loved ones, Geoff.

    1. I agree and have often thought about that. Mary lived and worshiped in the spirit, as we must.

  3. Well said. I always figured that folks who insisted that you had to be a member of there denomination to be saved, were merely insecure in their own salvation and were trying to make themselves "more saved" by pretending others were not.

    1. I personally believe anyone that does is not a Christian and does not read their Bible.

  4. We should be more focused on unity and loving one another and not what makes us the perfect Christian. Great post!

    1. Agree... And Christian means, Christ Follower... a mumble soulship.

  5. Your daughter is beautiful! And grandson. Love the red hair - my daughter has the red. love, sandie

    1. Yes I love the red hair. My grandfather was strawberry blond. My granddaughter Shiarny has it also. Mine went that colour when I was pregnant.

  6. Beautiful picture.

    Great post. I have family who feel that only one denomination will make it to heaven - theirs. It's quite frustrating at family events. Actually - frustrating may have been an understatement there. :)

    1. Yes it is..don't they see that they are typical of the Pharisee's of Jesus day. "PIOUS"

  7. I also believe different denominations make up the body of Christ.


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