Thursday, March 1, 2012

Australian Son. John Farnham - Burn For You

Going to live in the USA from my own country, Australia I was home sick.
Some of the things I missed besides my family were:

1. Vegemite, a spread you eat on bread.

2. The eucalyptus trees and smell.

3. Meat pies.

4. Our wild beaches.

5. AND.....Hearing John Farnham on the radio.
So I am sharing him here with you now...

Johnny began singing at fifteen years old.
He is sixty two and still going strong..


  1. I've always wanted to know what Vegemite tastes like because it seems people either love it or hate it. One day, perhaps.

    John Farham is amazing- what a beautiful voice! I'm going to have to look for him on Itunes.

    1. Vegemite is delicious for Ozzies.. Make toast with butter spread on and then THINLY apply the vegemite. If its on thick its too strong.

  2. Vegemite says it is yeast spread - not sure how that tastes. Funny - I don't what anything thing is except the trees - but I do understand how hard that must have been. Does your hubby miss anything from the USA?

    1. Yes it is yeast spread and full of vitamins. no good if you have a body yeast problem..Its a strong well cooked steak taste. BUT, you can't eat it by the spoon or smothered on.I asked Ray if he misses anything from America? he answered no...He loves it here.. He gets ribbed by the other golfers and is learning the Ozzie way of joking around.. i discovered they have nick named him polar Bear..for the beer in Vietnam.

  3. Hmm, aside from Vegemite and the beaches I am unfamiliar with these things. I think that I should order some Vegemite- so I can understand my friends from Australia/NZ when they share.


    1. I found it could be bought on-line in the USA. But spread it on buttered bread sparingly. It tastes awful if spread too thickly.
      I LOVE It!! Ozzies grow up from babies on it. Its full of goodness accept if you have a yeast allergy.

  4. I've never eat any of it either, sounds delicious..I'll have to give it a try it on buttered bread..thanks Susie


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