Saturday, March 3, 2012

Colour Your World With Happiness

What do you do when you spoil  something?

When you feel it can't be fixed and should be thrown away.

I paint flowers over the problem....

This makes a change, it produces a new creation.

 Here's another problem.

All fixed and made ready to use again.
I used to love to paint... and what a difference some colour and effort can make.

Isn't this the same with life?
When things go wrong often we want to give up and hide away?
Yet there is nothing that can't be fixed...with a little love.

So many times I feel like throwing in the towel..
I have loads of excuses..
I'm getting too old.
I'm tired.
I can't be bothered.
Who cares anyway..
Someone does, and His name is JESUS.

Jesus says to me: "Crystal I forgive you and I love you."
Place your name here, and read it again.
"................, I forgive you and I love you."
Doesn't that make you feel good!

Colour your world with happiness: 
Photo by my daughter Femia Shirtliff.

Praise, O servants of the LORD, 
Praise the name of the LORD! 
Blessed be the name of the LORD From this time forth and forevermore! 
From the rising of the sun to its going down The LORD's name is to be praised.
The LORD is high above all nations, His glory above the heavens.


  1. Hi Crystal Mary !! Love your idea, what a great way to salvage older clothes...Your idea made me HAPPY !! Hugs and Blessings..

  2. Hey I really liked your story today. And it is so true. God helps us just like that. sandie

  3. Your painting on the clothes looks so nice.

    I often am grateful that God is our ultimate and long-suffering judge, and not other human beings.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. If we just keep in mind that all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord... then even when something looks messed up it can be made better. Lovely photo by your daughter, also~

  5. Love your daughter's photo. Aren't you the inventive one.

    1. What would the world be like without colour?

  6. Replies
    1. Hey, Ray didn't think so once when I mistook his jeans for mine and painted flowers on them..LOL

  7. Oh what a perfect comparison to the "spoiled self" we are and Jesus came and created a new creation

  8. You are very artistic! I love your idea, something I might just embrace. Hugs and love,

  9. What a wonderful idea. The photo is breath-taking. So colorful and unique.

    Yes - someone cares. I've been feeling the "throw in the towel" lately. Thanks for the reminder that Jesus cares. And you care. Thanks for stopping by. It meant a lot.

    1. Hiya Janet,, We nurses have to stick together. xx

  10. What a great idea!! I love what you did with the painting. Thank you for coloring my world with happiness!

  11. Fixing "things", even better, fixing "myself" (with God's help) is what I learn here. And this school is FREE! Thank you.

    I love the photo by your daughter, Femia Shirtliff--a professional, I'm sure. It is my MARCH 2012 desktop background already! I'd like to use it as heading for a post on forgiveness, but of whom do I ask permission?

    You produce an inspiring blog...

    Blessings, and PEACE!
    Steve E

  12. School free:
    Computer $1800
    Monitor $329
    Internet $ ??/month
    Router: $89
    Fancy keyboard with back-light!: $79
    Etc., etc., etc. $ ???

    LOL! Did I say FREE?--grin!
    I LOVE it!

    1. Hi Steve, You are welcome to borrow Femia's photo. Please just place her name, Femia Shirtliff as acknowledgment. She is a Hillsong Photographer.

  13. I used to do the same with my children's clothes when they were growing up, I'd sew cloth badges on.
    Too old or too tired and so on, yeah I also feel like that sometimes, no point in giving up though.
    Blessings, Geoff.


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