Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Valley Rattler Steam Train Gympie Queensland

The Valley Rattler won't be running while its flooding.

Old Photos of days gone-by:
When the sunshines again..
There will be the thrill of the journey...


  1. I love trains- what a fun trip that must be.

  2. Hi There, I'm still sick about the flooding in your area. How sad is that... BUT--I do love the old steam train. Last Fall, George and I rode an old steam train when we were in West VA.... SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

    Have a great day.

  3. Hi Crystal Mary,
    I love that steam train! It is so sad to hear about all of this flooding again. I remember a couple of years ago when the flooding was so bad in your area and that little boy lost his life while saving his brothers.

    Praying for you all.

  4. Oh I love trains and Old ones at that thank you for the old shots ....and what a cutie pie that is looking out the window....I bet the ride with the water up to the rails was a bit spooky

  5. So this area gets lots of flooding regularly? What a shame - so pretty. That little one looks like you - I can see you in him! So cute! sandie

  6. Hi Crystal Mary,
    I just found and joined your blog! I love your blog!~~! I belong to a Christian Writer's group here in the States! I will be looking your blog over! Thanks and Praise the LORD for His Children! ♥
    Love the train pictures! My dad loved trains so I always think of him!

  7. Very beautiful pictures. I smile about the little child. Cute!

  8. I had the pleasure of riding the train from Cairns to Kuranda. What a lovely route and lovely old train they had. Those are cute little munchkins sticking their heads out of the train windows.

  9. Steam trains were so much more fun than the diesel ones of today weren't they? There are very few left here any more. I remember the starched sheets you had in your cabin when going on long trips and the silver ware in the dining car. It was always such an adventure to travel by train and of course sleep came so easily at night, what with the rocking and swaying. Now I fly, how boring, always in a rush.
    Blessings my lady friend, Geoff.

  10. Oh I love trains and Old ones at that thank you for the old shots and what a cutie pie that is looking out the window.

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  12. What is the child seeing from the window of the train? Where he is going?


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