Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I witness account on Hell.

I am feeling much better, thank you all...

Currently staying in a country where false Gods are worshiped
I wanted to share this truth.
Buddhism believes in re-incarnation..
Fear of, if I do wrong, I will pay for it in the next world.

As I already written, many smile and lie to your face.
or steal from you.
Of course there are also, so called Christians who may also do this.
So lets hear the evidence from one young woman who visited Hell
and returned.

I am not trying to run down the Thai people, there are many sweet and wonderful ones. 
What I am saying is... There is salvation only in JESUS..
So we need to take care. 


  1. I understand that most of the people there are not all Christian. But let us not forget that even Christians in developed nations can be liars and thieves. I've met many. Salvation is a free gift but the receiver needs to allow God to change their inner man.

    I hope you are recovering enough to enjoy the good things that are there. I've never been there myself but many I know have enjoyed their experiences.

    Thanks for the youtube link. I hadn't heard of that NDE before. Blessings.

  2. Hi CM, I just wanted to make sure that you enjoy your travel to Thailand. I know you will be a bright light there and do what you can to shine your light in darkness. God bless and keep you. Hugs. xx

  3. What an experience she had. I believe God does give us after-life experiences, not to turn the unbelievers eyes to God, but to strengthen the believer. Dr. Rawlings has two books out, "Beyond Death's Door" and "To Hell and Back." Although I ordered copies off Amazon, I never did receive them, so the only thing I have read is the part on the internet.

    1. Yes, it does strengthen the believer, yet can also prove God. I have read many NDE and find them fascinating..I have no fear of dying at all.

  4. It wouldn't play for me - was disabled. I am reading your book and loving it. sandie

    1. Glad you like the book.
      The disabled does show up with a direction to is well worth the watch, a real eye opener. xx


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