Tuesday, April 10, 2012

JUST Jesus - Carries Our Load

Isn't this picture wonderful? It really got me thinking!

At first the following scripture came to mind.
"Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."
Matthew 11:28

He is only carrying the woman's burdens/bags?
Why was that?
Did she hand them over more willingly/they were too heavy?
OR...was her faith in Him stronger?

Did the man perhaps consider, he was capable of carrying his own load.
Do you think perhaps as a man, be felt responsible for himself.

Tell me your thoughts as you look at this picture.
Does it give you courage to continue on?
Does it help you to know we can hand our burdens over to Jesus?
To me, this illustration depicts peace and security in a risen Saviour....

Salvation has nothing to do with a Denomination/Religion. ..

But it does have to do with Jesus Christ....
The only one, who defeated death, to give those who believe, Eternal Life.

What a Sacrifice of Love.

 "Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: 
yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.
 But he was wounded for our transgressions, 
he was bruised for our iniquities: 
the chastisement of our peace was upon him; 
and with his stripes,  we are healed."
Isaiah 53: 4-5
** What interesting replies...Thank you...Body Of Christ.
When I looked and looked again at this picture I can see the woman is actually holding what looks like a brief case under her arm? 
So she didn't give up all.

Yes, Jesus teaches us to be a servant!  Yet a servant usually walks behind.
Jesus is a servant and as such carries the load.
However, He is striding ahead, showing the way...
There is another lesson here.
Will we allow Him to lead?
Or....will we be lazy like sheep and follow just for the sake of it?
Or....will we gladly  and enthusiastically follow with a thankful heart. 
There is much to contemplate on!! 


  1. You know we think we are allowing Jesus to carry our load, and then we reach a place of realization that he is carry " a part of the load" b/c there is a portion that we have not yet released to him....we have all that "fool's gold" inside and we are not sure that we want to trust anyone to reveal to us it is but fool's gold....I surely needed to meditate upon your blog ...so happy the Lord brought me to you this .am....thank you!

    1. Oh Rhonda, what insight..and so true.

    2. He already carries our load. He is only free of it after we let it go.

    3. He already carries our load. He is only free of it after we let it go.

  2. Now, I just absolutely loved this!

  3. My heart melts at the sight of how willingly He does it for us. I really am thinking about the man, though, who hasn't surrendered his burdens, and what the little girl is learning.

    1. So right Shelley. Children learn by example...

  4. You are one letter ahead of people here - it is I. But I love J for Jesus - the best. sandie

  5. This picture sure does say a lot. I love the way you interpreted this with the woman being willing to hand over to Jesus, easier than the man.

    I also thought of Jesus being the head and covering of man and man being the head and covering of the woman and the family leading us to see that the woman and children are under the protection the man and he is in direct responsibility to Jesus who covers all and He is in direct responsibility to God. The husband interceding for the family, Jesus interceding for the man and family resulting in all lining up with God.

    Great picture to think on and I believe I will be mulling this one over for a while.


    1. Yes so true C of God, man is womans spiritual head, and comes under Jesus. Glad it touched you as it did me.

  6. Interesting picture, Mary.... I think that Jesus WILL carry our baggage/loads--but I also think that he wants us to do our part... The Father, being the man of the family, had an extra hand.. SO--he did what most of us would do... He helped....

    Somehow, some people think that God will take care of us and carry our burdens.... WELL--he WILL do that, but he does expect us to do our best and to do our part... We can't just sit back and allow him to carry those burdens IF we aren't willing to do something to make things better ourselves....

    Just my thoughts.

    1. Yes Betsy, some of us expect Jesus to do it all while we sit back and take.. Not So... and thats why Jesus gave the example for us to be servants also..and that means to do... Thank you, a great insight!!!

  7. I have never seen this photo before...it would be a good one to take to a Bible Study group or Sunday school class....it will get every one to thinking...which I feel is the intention of the artist. Thank You for sharing it.

    1. A great idea of yours to share it also Dee. x

  8. I LOVE that picture....now if I could only be like that woman and turn ALL my baggage over to HIM!!!

    1. Hi Deb, we are all guilty of hanging on aren't we? xx

  9. Hello Crystal Mary! I LOVE THIS PICTURE...and made a copy of it for my computer if you don't mind!!! If you do, just let me know and I'll erase it!

    What the picture tells me is that at the LAST SUPPER when He washed the feet of His disciples and taught them the lesson of the Servant IS the greatest of all...that He is still being Our SERVANT when He carries our burdens!!! How PRECIOUS to have a SAVIOR THAT IS IN HEAVEN AND STILL CARRIES OUR BURDENS!!! Great Devotion/Post!!! ♥♥♥

    1. Please do copy and share, you are more than welcome.

  10. Hiya mate, Wow, the picture is amazing. I actually studied it hard, and wondered 'why' the man in the background was still carrying his baggage. Then I read all your questions. I love this post! They're super questions, and great answers too! You've given me much to think on. I would like to save a copy of the picture, if that's okay with you? God bless you on this special day that He has made. Much love, Kerrie xOx

    1. Hiya Kerrie, Save as you want my friend... we are one in the Body of Christ and all is His anyway. xx

  11. Hi Crystal,

    Great pictures, scriptures and words, much to think on. Thank you for sharing.

    God Bless - Nita

  12. A picture is worth a thousand words. I will remember this picture of Jesus carrying my load. (I must add your words are awesome, too.)

    1. Hello Susan, lovely to meet you. Thank you for your words.

  13. Hello Crystal Mary.
    Two things I noticed immediately: The man's 1 suitcase carries all his possessions while the woman's 4 suitcases carry hers and her daughter's. Hmm?
    Next, Jesus is way ahead with a very relaxed look on his face, he knows the way and has no problem getting there. He's not a slave but a helpful leader.
    Another thing I noticed when I went back to the picture was the man is holding the little right girl's hand in his left hand. Your wedding ring is in your left hand. His wife should have been holding her daughter's right hand and the man should have been holding his wife's right hand.
    That way his ring of promise would be in his wife's right hand and her ring of promise would have been in her daughters right hand. For the Lord says he will take you by the Right hand. Jesus is sitting at the Right hand of God the father. Well, it's significant for me anyway.
    Bless you Crystal Mary, yes this picture did speak volumes to me, Geoff.

    1. Wow!! That is wonderful insight Geoff.
      Perhaps women also do carry more baggage...stress?? worries?? as well as more clothes. This picture does speak loads. Hug to you.


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