Saturday, June 16, 2012

From Abuse To Conqueror

I have only ever worked a few shifts in Pediatrics, and that was when they were short staffed.
I never liked working with sick children.
Why?? You might ask?
Because many children suffer abuse, and I find that very hard to tolerate..

When this book, "A Child Called It." came to my attention, I, like many, were curious.
I bought it on Kindle, and read it. Or rather, I skipped through reading it....
It is very graphic, violent, specific and full of evil child abuse.
 While I believe that most of this is true.
I also believe that some of it is fabricated to make a good story.
But beyond that, this child survived against impossible odds..
Why would a mother single out one of her children and treat him in such an inhuman way?
How could a father, turn a blind eye and not stop the cruelty?
There are many wonders of Why?

After reading/glossing over, the first book, I wanted to read the second one to see if David faired better in Forster care?  I wanted to know what became of him and I wanted to know if his mother was justly punished? 

David went on to become a special person...
One who not only overcame, but one who went on to achieve, and be honoured.
Many of us would be proud to have such a son as this..
Yet his mother never was.
All she ever wanted to do, was destroy him, in fact, she wanted to killed him.
She didn't go this far, because she was clever enough to know, she wouldn't get away with it.
I believe that God had a purpose for this boy to live.
In him was built a will to survive. In him was build a heart of courage.
And out of him has come encouragement to other abused children.
To Never Give Up, and Always Do Your Best.
Its not who you are born to be (unwanted).  Its who you desire to be (a Star).   


  1. That is so true, my friend. I read that book many years ago and it was so very difficult. When I think of him, I also think of Jer. 29:11, "For I know the thoughts I have towards you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you hope and a future."

  2. Obviously, the devil uses some people, that he already owns, to try and destroy others. It saddens any decent person when he starts torturing one so young.

    1. Yes it does Gorge. I have reported any Child Abuse I have personally witnessed.

  3. I will probably never read these books, but celebrate his victory over insurmountable odds and every disadvantage of childhood. Have a good weekend my friend. xo

  4. I cannot read these books either...but it is encouraging to know that he survived

    1. Hello Kim, I find I cannot deny a child needing help such as this. Know the abuse for him is now over and that he has a better life now, helps.

  5. Hi Crystal Mary,
    Life can be so sad. I am following a few blogs of people who were severely abused, it is unbelievable. I don't know how a mother or father can do this. The paternal drive inside of me is so strong that I would die for my children without a moments thought.

    I believe the only reason this could happen is because of demonic influence. I mean how else could a parent hurt their child like this.

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Yes I believe it is demonic also. God is love, yet he gives man free will.

  6. It breaks my heart to know that so many little ones are out there suffering at the hands of their parents or whoever it may be..I wrote about this very subject in a poem here a little while back..I wouldn't be able to read that book for crying..I'm so glad he survived..Thanks for sharing.

    1. I am glad he survived also..That is the bes part of his story.

  7. Thank you God for protecting this little boy - I guess he is grown now, but thank you. sandie

    1. Yes Sandie, He is a popular speaker, has had an Air force career and was one of the Olympic Torch Bearers.

  8. I cry when thinking about children being abused... BUT--when there is triumph out of the tragedy, that makes me smile!!!! God Bless all of the children who are being abused or were abused...

    1. I pray they go on to make better lives for themselves as David did.

  9. Dear Crystal, that first book is one I picked up when it was published a number of years ago. I was unable to read it because the abuse was so horrific. I hadn't heard of the second book, so thank you for drawing it to my attention. Back in about 1981, when I worked for an editing company in Minneapolis, we published one of the first books on child abuse. I edited that book and there is one example of abuse in it that I've never gotten out of my mind. It haunts me. And so I avoid these books. But oh, as all your commentators have said, my heart aches for those children whose life is a torture chamber. I don't know what would led a person to be this cruel. It flummoxes me. And mostly I feel as if those children who survive such abuse are true miracles. Peac.e

    1. Hello Dee, Yes the abuse was horrific, and thats why I had to skim over it. I read it to be steal myself to always fight for these children instead of turning a blind eye. Many of us just don't want to know or believe these things can happen. I actually met a little boy when my own children were small who was like David. I will write about him.

  10. Hi Crystal Mary, dear friend,
    Oh!! It breaks my heart to read about this subject matter.
    However, if people will turn the blind eye to those children in
    need of help, nothing will be changed in the world.
    I call it, "A Brotherhood of Christians in Action", when someone
    who call herself or himself a Christian and begin to help the ones
    in need with whatever possible he or she could offer, perhaps, by
    passing stories of child abuse to the Media or other ways of communication. If nobody wants to get involved, who will??...
    It's really a good idea that you begin to think in reading and
    writing stories like these abused children. I also read your
    follower's comments and realize that many ladies agree with you,
    in a sense that we should try to help those hungry souls looking
    for love, looking for a family who may adopt them, looking for
    a happy childhood. I always teach and say: "Protect the mind of
    children, because one day, these children will become adults.
    Teach them good things, in order for them to build their self-esteem,
    feel loved, and then love others with respect."
    I can really go on and on about this issue. I have encountered
    many cases of child abuse throughout my life.
    I was abused myself, and I did not want my own child to suffer
    the way I did as a child. So, I used to teach her how to protect
    herself from harsh situations. I think I did a good job, for my
    only daughter has created a wonderful family herself giving three
    gifts to this world, her children, my 3 grandchildren.
    It is very sad for me to talk about these things about child abuse.
    My daughter's father abused my daughter as a little child.
    I had to run away with her. Otherwise, he would steal her away from me.
    I met a couple of folks who had a horrible childhood.
    One is a man of 67 years old at the moment. His name is Horace.
    His mother abandoned him at a Hospital when he was born, because
    he had leporim lips, born with an opened palate.
    He was raised in an Orphanage. Then, a farmer adopted him when he
    was about 7 years old or so, just to do farm labor, cheap children labor.
    Well, his story went on and on, until the time he escaped from that farm
    by riding a horse... He moved elsewhere. Then, he survived until now...
    The other story is my maid. Her name is Eloir. She told me her story.
    Eloir was born near the Brazilian border. Now, she is 55 years old.
    Her mother gave her away to a farmer when she was about 6 or 7 years old.
    Eloir had to work hard out in the farm, plus the adopter, the owner of the farm, a cruel man raped her all the time at the age of 7 until she ran away when she was about 17 years old. Eloir is our maid, and she is 55 years old now. She also survived to tell her sad story...
    Many children have been abused worldwide, not only for children cheap labor, but also for little girls' rape. It's certainly dreadful what is going on in the world!! If we consider ourselves as Christians in Action, we should put our words out for others to read and know what is going on round the world. Well, this story really breaks my heart. Tears begin to flow like a waterfall, just by thinking in homeless abused children out there without a good mom...
    Dear Crystal, I think you are a super friend, a wonderful Christian lady with a golden heart. God's richest blessings may always abound in your life, and those you love, sweetheart!!
    Have a blessed day, darling!!

    1. Oh Starry, what a sometimes cruel world we live in. It is hard to imagine how anyone could harm a helpless child, and yet it happens all the time. Sexual abuse is also prevalent, with many children suffering this.What can we do? I believe we must inform, not keep quiet, as we have to be a voice for these innocents. Much love Crystal

    2. Hi again Crystal,
      Thank you for your kind words about this subject matter!!
      It is a sad problem that some girls encounter as children.
      One more thing that is so important for me to tell you...
      I will die for my child, I am willing to die to protect her from any harm that could possibly touch her precious living being. Of course, I'll always protect her as much as I can. Now, she is an adult. But, when my daughter was a little girl, you have no idea how much I, my father, my mother, my aunts, and other folks got involved in order to protect my daughter and save her from harsh situations. Finally, she met her sweetheart at the age of 16. My daughter got pregnant at the age of 17. Then, they got married and had their first baby when my daughter turned 18. Now, Crystal is going to be 15 years old this coming September. My daughter, her husband and her 3 children are a very happy family after all. My 3 grandchildren are Crystal (almost 15), Mario Reny (almost 13) and Angie Delilah has just turned 3 years old. They live happily ever after in New York. So, I guess, I did an excellent job in protecting my little girl at that point in the past when she was at stake. Now, she is a grown-up woman and able to tell her own story after all... I could even write a whole book about our stories and other things, Crystal. God may bless you all, dear friend!! I am a protectionist of my beloved ones, a conservationist of life itself, a pro-life mom and granny too. Warm Hugs from Starry.

  11. Hi Crystal Mary, May you have a blessed, peace filled day and week ahead. {{{KC}}}

  12. There are way to many horrific child abuses.I am glad their stories are being told...that they finally have a voice. God bless them each and everyone.

    1. There is healing in talking about it, and it helps the people who are not in similar situation or have never been in them, to understand.


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