Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Like Abraham of Old.

I have been pondering and praying for different family members.
Life is not always rosey, in fact it can be far from it.
With Ray not his best and others phoning to tell me their problems, I began to feel weighed down.

I have a wonderful, God fearing nephew. 
He is an inspiration of how to LIVE the Christian faith.
Openly he will tell you, "I don't have all the answers, but Jesus does."
There are no truer words then this. And no more humbler a man, than my nephew.
 He can truthfully say, "I can't do it, but Jesus can."

His name is Lance.... and he speaks as directly as an arrow, fired to its target.
He knows there is no time like the presence, to get right with God.
Because, as we all know, there may be no tomorrow.

Lance was not brought up in a Christian Home.
He had a tough up bringing.
And he learned early in life to work hard for what he wanted.

In his younger days, he made many mistakes, and chose wrong pathways.
Then he met Jesus, and his life changed completely.
 He will openly begin to cry like a baby as he shares, the conversion in his heart.
Not a Religion, =  But a Faith, Love and a Hope in a Risen Real Savour.

Last night as this blessing from God, my nephew shared with me, it Hit home Hard.
That as Abraham trusted God completly, so must I.

I can say, "Oh But, my problems are different to Abraham's.  
But are they? Perhaps they are not as hard as his were?
We all think, our suffering is the worst, but is it?
I would not like to be put in the place of Abraham...
I would not like God to ask me to sacrifice my son.

If Abraham could trust God enough to hand over, all that his hopes and dreams were built on.
His precious son, then why can't I.
God did not let Abraham down. Rather, God provided a way out for him.
Won't God then, do the same for us? I will trust.  I will believe so...
 "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."
John 8:32.

I feel more Free, from the revelation of this Truth, than I have for years.

                         Jesus is the LIGHT of the world, in Him is no darkness....
                         With Him in your heart, your life will shine out with love for others.
                          You will let go of your fears, and trust in Him, the lover of your soul.

                         Thank you Lance.... I Love You.  Blessings Auntie Crystal xxxx


  1. Amen! I often thing of men like Abraham and the faith they had in God and it challenges me to greater heights. I too get weighed down by the cares of this world when I don't remember to take it all to God and leave it with him. God bless and help lift you and encourage you dear one. Love and hugs. xx

  2. It's good when Christians can uplift their fellow Christians. May God bless you and Lance.

  3. "Prayers move mountain." I remember this passage from a poster hung in my grandmother's room and I deem that prayer is the most powerful way of communicating with our Lord.

    I would love to get to know you better through your future posts. Would you like to follow each other? Have a great week ahead! :D

  4. How beautiful this is! A word of encouragement in due season is more than any medicine could do. May the Lord richly bless you and Lance~

  5. How blessed we are to have members of our own family that God places around us to encourage us. I have no doubt that you too are an encouragement to him and all of your family as well.

    Fear has a way of working up our emotions and we begin to forget the truth of God's promise... I'll use this as a reminder myself today. Thanks.

  6. How blessed we are to have members of our own family that God places around us to encourage us. I have no doubt that you too are an encouragement to him and all of your family as well.

    Fear has a way of working up our emotions and we begin to forget the truth of God's promise... I'll use this as a reminder myself today. Thanks.

  7. I love and admire people like your nephew Lance...their testimony is as powerful as Sunday sermon. :)

  8. The saints of old did have their problems - they were just as human as we are with our struggles. Thank you for reminding us at "Tell Me a Story," that God is faithful and we can safely place our trust in Him. Your nephew is a blessing to many including you.

  9. May God Bless you and your nephew.. This is so inspiring.. Thank you for sharing dear friend..

  10. I love that photo. Sometimes think of what it would have been like if I had ever been in that loving place with the Lord. And trusting Him for the results of my kids and grandkids is very stressful and important... and trusting Him also for my heart relief. Getting there. And you just prodded me a bit more. Thanks.

  11. Great post. Love reading about your nephew... We all need to remember not to carry all of the burdens of the world inside of us... We need to give them to God...

  12. "Our light affliction which is but for a moment, works for us an exceeding weight of glory, while we look not at the things that are seen but at the things that are unseen; for the things that are seen are temporary, but the things that are unseen are eternal."2 Corinthians 4:17 love and prayers Val

  13. Family members are the hardest because they know us and so it can be a struggle...Jesus had this same problem when HE did miracles that is why He said a prophet has no honor in his own home.

  14. Great post. Blessings to you and all your family. I'm on hols so I will have more time to pop in. x

  15. Isn't it just like God to send in someone when we are in need? I am so glad Lance was there for you, to talk straight into your heart with God's word and truth. It is a hard walk sometimes but no matter what God is always good all of the time.


  16. You're blessed to share such wonderful truths with your Lance. And I'm sure he is blessed to watch and learn... and share with his Auntie Crystal.

    Dotti :)

  17. hi friend how are you ?

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    will love to hear from you.
    .God bless you


  18. Dear Crystal, I"m so happy for you that you had such an epiphany of understanding and enlightenment. Peace.

  19. Hi Crystal,
    This post is certainly great food for thoughts.
    Your wisdom becomes the daily water for your reader's friends.
    I am one, if you wish. I have been thinking and praying for
    you and your dear husband, Ray. I pray for his healings.
    I wouldn't like to be in Abraham's shoes either.
    I wouldn't like to be asked by God to sacrifice my own blood...
    I am sending my friendship love in Christ on your way, Crystal.
    Poet Starry.

  20. I like to read this wonderful blog.
    Great blog! Have a blessed day.

  21. It does weigh one down when relatives keep putting there burdens on us. I wish there was a way to not feel that way when we are feeling empathetic - it is a good quality but it takes it's toll on us mentally and physically. :)

    By the way, I'm on vacation. :) Please keep us in prayer!

  22. What an encouragement Lance is, how old is this young man? To think that he had a rough time growing up, and yet now he is making up for lost time. Thank you so much for sharing about him.

    I have also scrolled down a bit to read some of your recent posts. What a heart warming post you did about the baby roos. Ah... thank God for kindness to these animals. So precious!


  23. You are a blessing in Lance's life as he his in yours. Keep sharing your Words from God with each other, and with those whose paths you cross. There are a lot of the "old" Lances out there.


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